Waiting for the other shoe to drop . . .

I was up this morning about 6:30 to get ready to travel. Since it was still dark outside, I spent some time putting some things away and catching up on some client/web stuff.

I got Jan up about 7 and started our coffee for the morning, and then went outside and stowed away the satellite dish and chairs.

Things went just fine until I cranked up the diesel about 9:30 and tried to bring the levelers. And although they came up, the dash control said they were still down. Since this normally means the hydraulic reservoir is low on oil, I shut down and told Nick I’d be a few minutes.

Adding fluid fixed the problem, but it looks like I may have a small leak since I just added some a few weeks ago and normally I only have to add it once a year or so.

That’s one.

After carefully pulling our of our still-wet site, we got hitched up and pulled out of the fairgrounds about 10.

And we hardly got out of Celina before one of my bay doors popped open and dumped my plastic 5 gallon fuel can out into the middle of the highway. By the time I got stopped it was over a quarter-mile back sitting in the middle of the lane.

If it hadn’t been in the middle of the road I probably would have just left it, but as it was I walked back and got it and then we got back under way.

That’s two.

Jan said things come in threes. I said be quiet, they might hear you.

She didn’t ask who ‘they’ were. But we’re still waiting for number three.

After a very pleasant and scenic trip thru the Ohio countryside, about 2 pm we pulled into a warm welcome at Smith’s Campground about 4 miles south of Loudonville, OH.

Located on the Mohican River, Smith’s has 170 sites nestled in a lightly-wooded valley just off CR 3175.

Smiths Campground 6

After being warmly greeted by owner Amy Smith and her son-in-law Scott, we were directed to our sites right on the river. We were also invited to dinner with Amy and her husband, George.

Smiths Campground 1


This is the great view of the Mohican River out our windshield.

Smiths Campground 2

Smiths Campground 3

Smiths Campground 4


On the other bank we’re starting to see more and more trees in Fall foliage.

Smiths Campground 5

Later after we got parked and set up, George came by to give us a few brochures on things to do in this area. And after a nice nap we headed over to Amy and George’s house for dinner about 5 pm. And even nicer, we found they had left a golf cart for our use in getting over to their house and back. Now that’s service.

We had a great dinner with Amy, George, and her father Jim. We don’t often get a home-cooked meal on the road.

But even better was the great we had getting to know them and talking about the RV life.

Finally about 8 pm with Jan starting to nod off, we made our way back to our rigs And since it was dark by now, we really appreciated the golf cart.

Tomorrow we may go into Loudonville and check out the Street Fair going on in town. Or we may not.


Thought for the Day:

I am still looking for that box I am supposed to think out of.



8 Responses

  1. Greg number three was those 2 pieces of pie you ate last night!!!! George said it really was 2 pieces of pie, the whip cream that covered the top hid the that fact.
    Thank you to you & Jan, and Nick & Terry for such an enjoyable evening. As soon as all of you got out of your rigs yesterday, we felt like it was “old” friends stopping in to see us. Old isn’t a reference of today though – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Amy,

    In my defense, the two pieces of pie were George’s fault.

    I asked for two ‘small’ pieces of both pumpkin and black raspberry.

    Apparently George’s definition of ‘small’ and mine are different.

    And of course it would have been rude to not eat what was put in front of me, now wouldn’t it.

    Thanks again for the great meal. (And the pie, of course) We’re really enjoying our stay here.

    Greg and Jan

  3. Howdy Greg,

    Sounds like you fell into it at Smith’s… Don’t let Nick tell too many ‘war-stories’ , they might think you’re just like him!!!! #3 is agonna slip up on you..hee hee Was that gas can full??
    Didn’t it rain there?? The ‘river’ looks low after the rain you just slogged through for a week!!! Relax and wait on #3 !!!

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!

  4. Nope, the fuel (diesel) was empty.

    It did rain here. In fact they had flooding a few weeks ago, but everything is back to normal now.


  5. Happy birthday, Greg! Nick squealed. 🙂

  6. Thanks.

    Yeah, Nick can be a real blabber-mouth sometimes.


  7. Happy Birthday, Greg! We’ve earmarked your campground for a future stay, it looks wonderful!

  8. Thanks.

    It’s a really nice place, very scenic.

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