Landon Skyping and Broasted Chicken . . .

I was awakened at 10 by Jan closing the door after talking to some rally attendees. They apparently thought we were Nick and Terry since their SUV was parked by us because the mud by them.

It’s sometimes nice to be mistaken for royalty.

At about 11:30 we Skyped with Brandi, Lowell, and Master Landon. In a few weeks he’s gone from barely walking to running. And climbing.

Recently while at daycare, he watched a lady using a stepladder to hang some decorations. As soon as she got down and turned away, he RAN to the stepladder and clambered to the top, right up the steps.

Video call snapshot 352

We didn’t get a lot of good pictures today, and probably won’t in the future. He never stops moving, and with the low frame rate of our Skype signal, he’s mostly just a blur.

Video call snapshot 357

Video call snapshot 358

Video call snapshot 359

Video call snapshot 360

Video call snapshot 361

Video call snapshot 362

Video call snapshot 364

Lowell said he’s gotten so tall he’s wearing only 18 mos. sizes. And he’s only 13 mos. old. Looks like he’s going to be tall like his daddy.

And of course we’re really looking forward to seeing him, and everyone else, when we get back to Houston right before Thanksgiving.

After lunch Nick came over for a while and we talked over our schedule for the next month. Looks like we’ll leave here Tuesday morning and head east about 150 miles to the Smith’s Campground just south of Loudonville, OH for about a week. Then Jan and I will head back to Elkhart with Nick and Terry following a few days later after visiting some relatives.

Then sometime before the end of October, Jan and I will start a roundabout trip back to Houston, and Nick and Terry will head for Florida.

Hope they’re bracing for all the bad weather he’ll probably bring them like he did last year.

After Nick left we continued to catch up on the shows we’d DVR’d during the rally, with a couple of naps thrown in for Jan.

About 5:30 we all headed over to St. Mary’s, about 10 miles away, to have dinner at Lost in the 50’s, a great 50’s themed restaurant.

We’ve eaten there several times, but it was a first trip for Nick and Terry. We’ve always like it, and a lot of Gypsy Rally attendees raved about it, so we were happy to find that Nick and Terry really enjoyed it too.

The owner is a collector of 50’s memorabilia and displays a small part of it in a museum that’s part of the restaurant.

Lost50s 1

Lost50s 2

Lost50s 3

Although not on display at this time, he has a lot of Elvis memorabilia too, including the motorcycle Elvis road in ‘Roustabout’,


one of his pink Cadillac’s


and one of Elvis’ tour costumes, among just a few things.


We introduce ourselves to the owner and thanked him for the many gift certificates and discount coupons he donated to the Gypsy Rally.

And the meal was great too. We all had the 4 pc. broasted chicken dinner and the pieces were so big we all had leftovers.

A definite ‘don’t miss’ if you’re in the area.

Later in the evening, after we got home, we had a nice surprise from our daughter Brandi . . . a bunch of Landon pics taken at the playground.

Landon on Horsey

Landon on Horsey 2

Landon on Swing

Landon at the Park

The perfect end to a great day.


Thought for the Day:

“Men seldom need re-educating but they often need reminding” – Edmund Burke



6 Responses

  1. The Smith’s look forward to your arrival. We are happy for you to visit the Mohican and Amish Country area of Ohio.

  2. Greg, I am pretty sure that by now your techno curiosity has led you to the Google plus stuff and maybe even to its HANGOUT capabilities.

    We have been working with it and been very pleased and surprised at the results on my Logitech HD C910 webcam, even over tethered 3g connections and with multiple simultaneous video participants.

    I have never been able to really like Skype, largely due to its invasive installation and subsequent pushy advertising. Google+ Hangouts don’t do this, they make a connection about a 2 click proposition, allow up to 10 simultaneous video/voice/chat participants (depending on bandwidth) and never try to sell me anything. I like that.

    Rick Doyle (of Rick & Paulette’s blog) has been using it with a lot of success along with a growing number of RV lifestyle centric folks.

    I don’t know if it can tame the wild Brandon images or not but it seemed worth a mention.


    Honored uncle butterbean

    pms: Put a Texas Aggie cap on that boy !!!

  4. Thank you very much for your kind invitation.

    We look forward to visiting with you.

    Greg White

  5. I’ve not had a chance to really look at Google +. The problem with changing over from Skype is I would have to get everyone else in the family to changeover.

    And then their respective families would have to change.

    If Skype had tried to sell me anything, I haven’t noticed.

    As far as taming Landon, the problem is that we’re working off a Verizon AirCard and sometimes we don’t have a really great signal.

    With the bandwidth reduced, the video frame rate is reduced so when he’s moving fast he’s just a blur.

    Thanks for reading our blog.


  6. Not sure the Aggie cap is going to happen. His daddy went to OU. (Oklahoma, not Ohio).

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