One last time . . .

for Nick to make me get up at 7:30 in the morning.

At least for a while.

Jan and I headed down to the Vendor’s Building about 8:15 to say our goodbyes to friend’s new and old. Then we started working on cleaning up and sweeping out the meeting rooms. A number of people pitched in to help and the work went quickly. So with everything pretty much wrapped up, Jan and I headed out for lunch and some errands.

Our first stop was the local Goodwill store to dropped a donation of clothes and books, then it was across the street to the Sonic Drive-In. And after a great lunch of footlong chili dogs and Chedr-Poppers,

Next up was that mecca of RV’ers, Wal-Mart for a few things, and then finally back to the rig.

And for the first time in a couple of weeks, a nice long nap, only slightly interrupted by the light rain accompanied by very high winds.

Nick called about 4:30, and a few minutes later, we headed out to CJ’s HighMarks for dinner.

CJsHighMarks 1

The ‘we’ in this case, consisted of Jan and I, Nick and Terry, and Mike and Elaine Loscher. It was really nice to have a nice, leisurely dinner, knowing that we can (and will) slept in tomorrow morning as late as we want.

From our table we had a great view of the neighboring golf course and the approaching storms rolling in.

CJsHighMarks 2

We had a great meal. The steaks that Nick, Jan and I had were some of the best ever, just about perfect.

CJsHighMarks 3

And as usual, we sat around talking long after finishing our meal, just letting ourselves unwind.

We finally got back to the rig a little before 7 just in time for more rain to move in. This is getting monotonous.

Tomorrow, we do nothing.


Thought for the Day:

Be careful of believing something just because you want it to be true.



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