Bella’s and At-A-Boys . . .

Another morning up at 7:30.

Make it stop! Make it stop, please!

First off, a couple of At-A-Boys (or Girls) for two of the vendors here at the Gypsy Journal Rally.

The first one is for Marla Mallory of Cruising American RV. Two years ago at the last Celina rally, I bought 12 LED lights from Marla to replace the ones in our coach. About a year ago one of the screw-on glass covers came loose and broke. She replaced it at no charge.

Great Service. Thanks Marla.

Second up is Daryl Lawrence of Lawrence RV Accessories. This past March I bought a TireTraker Tire Pressure Monitor System from Daryl at the Gypsy Rally in Yuma, AZ.


Sometime since then, the little pop-up antenna on the monitor unit came loose and got lost. When I checked with Daryl earlier this week to see if I could order a new antenna, he gave me a whole new receiver unit at no cost.

Again, Great Service. Thanks Daryl.

For lunch, Jan and I made our 3rd trip to La Carreta this week for more of their great Chicken Tortilla Soup. Nothing like trying to run a good thing into the ground.

After the last of the classes finished up at 5 pm, we got together for supper at Bella’s Italian Grille with our new friends, Mill and Nancy Pierce. Jan met Nancy at one of the classes and found out that she and her husband have been doing oil field gate guarding down in Texas this last year, so we had to get together and pick their brains about what it’s like.

We had a great time getting to know them, and would have spent longer at Bella’s if we hadn’t had to get to the rally in time for the 7pm festivities. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep in touch and maybe get together with them down in Texas.

Tonight was our final meeting, with Nick giving out the last of the door prizes, including the big ones of a Kindle and Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak.

Sea Eagle Kayak

Nick and Terry always come up with great door prizes, and this year they outdid themselves.


Rally Finale 1

Rally Finale 2

Next up, to close our the rally, was another great performance by the McKinney Washtub Two.

McKinney Washtub Two 5

Tonight pretty much wrapped up this year’s rally. with only an early morning get-together for coffee, doughnuts, and goodbyes. After that, people will start pulling out, or being pulled out by one of the fairground’s tractors if they get stuck. We’ve really had a lot of rain this week, and some people that got in OK may have a hard time getting out.

Others will probably take the fairgrounds up on their offer to stay over a few days at the regular rate, just until things dry out a little.

It’s been a great rally and everyone seemed to have a good time, despite the weather. I mean, what’s an RV rally without a little rain.


Thought for the Day:

“All warfare is based on deception. Every battle is won or lost before it is fought.” – Sun Tzu



3 Responses

  1. Greg doesn’t mention that it was HE that went out and solicited so many of these door prizes for the rally. If it were not for him and Jan, we couldn’t make these events happen. Thanks buddy!

  2. ! BLUSH !

  3. Howdy Greg,
    you get a ‘bad’ one they can look good, replacing it!!! AND STILL EAT !!! Buy you a tractor, make a little scratch and then sell it…

    Did you win the boat?? He should have donated those kayak; he’s
    done such a good job selling the inflatables, nobody wants hard one
    anymore!!! Come home and drag some of that water with you…

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes!!!!

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