Soup and Seminars – Rally Day 2

Jan and I were both up by 8 this morning for the first full day of the Gypsy Rally. With the cold, rainy weather, the hot coffee and doughnuts in the Vendor Building really hit the spot.

After Jan headed off to her first class I spent some time checking out the vendors and checking in with old friends and new acquaintances. Then I headed back to the rig to finish up printing the handouts for my class.

During the morning Jan met up with Mill and Nancy Pierce, who are doing oil field gate guarding down in Texas, something we’re thinking about doing next year, so we had an interesting talk. Hopefully we’ll have some more time to spend picking their brains before they head out.

At noon I went down and picked up Jan after her class and we drove into town to have a big hot bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup at La Carreta. And with this weather it really hit the spot.

At 3:30 I gave my first seminar on “Ten Things to Never Do With Your Computer”. We had a good crowd of over 45 people and a lot of good questions.

I try to structure the class so everyone will have plenty of time to ask questions as we go along. When I first did this class back in Yuma last March I only had an hour and ran short on time. But Nick was nice enough to give me 90 minutes this time and we used every bit of it.

Rally Seminar Day 1-1

Rally Seminar Day 1-2

I got a lot of good feedback on the class, and pretty much everyone seemed to be happy with it, so I’m happy too.

We started up again at 7pm for our nightly door prize meeting with Nick Russell in his usual MC role. Once again we had a lot of great prizes, including Roger Marble’s donation of 4 raffle tickets with a 1 in 10,000 chance to win $24,000.


Jan and I won a nice tote bag from Dennis and Carol Hill and the RV Driving School.

Celina Rally Day 2 Nick 1

And here’s Nick demonstrating the latest in orange safety cone bras. Come to think of it, he did say something about ‘man-boobs’ (no whipped cream).

Celina Rally Day 2 Nick 2

After Nick finished with the door prizes, we had a great 1 hour set from Judy and Whitt McKinney, The McKinney Washtub Two. They performed for the Gypsy Journal Rally last year in Elkhart, and afterwards I referred to them in my blog as The McKinney Washboard Two, and was severely chastised by Judy. Well, she did fuss at me a little bit.

McKinney Washtub Two 1

During the show, Judy played the washboard (see I knew there was a washboard in there somewhere), the washtub (or thump bass). the ukulele, and the mandolin. A very versatile lady.

McKinney Washtub Two 2

Whitt just played the guitar. (But very, very well)

McKinney Washtub Two 4

They play a lot of new takes on old songs and a lot of humor ensued.

McKinney Washtub Two 3

They’re doing a different set on Thursday night and we’re really looking forward to it.


Thought for the Day:

Those of us who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living.



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