On the Mend, maybe . . .

Short Post Today as I’m still somewhat under the weather.

First up, a number of readers of Nick Russell’s blog are saying for the last few days that they are unable to access his blog.

So if you a reader of my blog, but don’t normally read Nick’s, I would appreciate it if you would click here for Nick’s Blog and let me know if it comes up OK.  Thanks.

It was overcast and spitting rain on and off most of the day so Jan and I stuck around the rig, just vegetating. I tried to take a nap, but when I laid down my sinus congestion made it hard to get comfortable, so I mostly just tossed and turned.

About 5:30, after stopping at the park office to pick up some mail, Nick and Terry, and Jan and I headed over to El Maguey Mexican Restaurant to meet Tom and Barb Westerfield, and Al Hesselbart for dinner. Being Friday night, they were busy and service was kind of slow, but we had a great time just sitting and talking. And when it finally got there, the food was good too.

Coming home, we stopped off at Martin’s Supermarket for a few groceries, and then it was back to the rig for the night, just in time to beat the rain.


Thought for the Day:

If you can remember the 60s….you weren’t really there.



8 Responses

  1. Link to Nick’s blog worked.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe you need more “hot” peppers to help clear out your sinus. You been cutting back???

  2. Get well my friend.

  3. I also use Google Reader and Firefox. I haven’t gotten Nick’s blog for several days. I did it manually today to get there today but it was iffy and very slow. It took several tries before it came up. By the way, the Bad Nick blog came up just fine!

  4. Greg, I do not get Nicks blog on greader on my droid but I can read it on a browser. Tom also cant read it on the xoom greader .

  5. Greg, I have not had a problem getting to Nick’s blog. I have use IE, Firefox and Google Chrome. Not a problem with any of the three, so I can not help you with a suggested problem.

  6. Forgot to mention I could open Bad Nick just fine.

  7. I just realized my previous post did not post. I said I have not been able to get on Nick’s blog but once & when I tried to open previous ones I could not get on to I still couldn’t–that was yesterday. Today I couldn’t get on.

  8. I was able to get to Nick’s bog, no problem. Hope you are feeling better real soon!!

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