In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night . . .

I woke up this morning still a little under the weather, but better than yesterday. I’ve been taking Cold-Eze zinc drops which seem to help. My sore throat is just about gone, but now I have a stuffed-up head and a tickle cough. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

About 11am I made some phone calls trying to get some more info for the computer network upgrades at the RV Motor Home Hall of Fame. I’ll have to make some more calls tomorrow.

About 3:45 pm Jan and I headed over to Mishawaka, about 15 miles away. We had wanted to see Green Lantern, but had missed it earlier in the summer. And as we were pulling out of the Elkhart Campground, our granddaughter Piper called to check in after her 18th birthday yesterday.

Getting to Mishawaka, we first stopped off at Bed, Bath & Beyond so Jan can pick up some items, then it was on to the theater.

We discovered this place last year when we were here in Elkhart. This theater shows older movies (Green Lantern came out in June) and it’s cheap. (I like cheap!) Tickets are only $1.50 each during the day. Nice!

We both liked the movie which, unlike some, followed the comic book origins very closely. And supposedly there are two more sequels in the works. They certainly set up the next one in a short sequence after the credits.

Leaving the theater a little before 7, we got gas and headed back to Elkhart to have dinner at the local Cracker Barrel. Thursday is Turkey and Dressing Day at Cracker Barrel, and Jan loves it.

We had planned to go by Martin’s Supermarket on the way home, but the weather/rain was so nasty we just came on back to the rig.


Thought for the Day:

"Scientific theories don’t change because old scientists change their minds; they change because old scientists die." – Max Planck



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