Summer’s Last Gasp . . .

Ended up not going to bed last night (this morning?) until about 3:15am so I didn’t get up until about 10:45, giving Jan some extra computer time.

For lunch we had some of Jan’s delicious Tuna Pasta Salad that she made before we left Horseshoe Lakes. Hopefully she’ll make some more soon. It is really good.

After lunch I took apart my LogiTech Trackball Wheel Mouse to try and fix the scroll wheel. It stopped working last night and at first I thought it might have been a program glitch, so I rebooted, but that didn’t fix the problem.

Logitech Trackball Wheel

Everything worked except for the scroll wheel, so I took it apart and discovered the problems.


Or at least our cat’s hair. The scroll wheel has small slots in it that an LED shines through to show rotation. This area was completely clogged with hair, obviously not mine.

I cleaned it all out and then started to put it back together. I finally got it but it took a while. It would certainly have helped if I had taken this photo of it before I took it apart because the wheel mechanism has six small parts, and it all just kinds falls out when you open the case.

Logitech Trackball Wheel - open

Finally getting it back together it’s now working fine.

Nick Russell came over for a while about 1:30 to talk about the Apple iMac he’s thinking about buying. Then after he left I called Galveston Bay RV Resort to get our reservation in for this coming November. We’ve spent the last 3 years there, and really like the place. We plan on getting there the Sunday before Thanksgiving and leaving around the 1st of February.

Later in the afternoon, I put up the final piece of our RV Quick Shades on the driver’s side window. I put the two big windshield pieces yesterday after we got here, But we’re parked facing almost due west and the afternoon sun really bakes in, so I wanted to cover everywhere the sun come in.

It looks like this hot weather we’re seeing is Summer’s last gasp. It was 92 here in Elkhart today, with 96 coming tomorrow, and Saturday and Sunday coming in at 87 and 75 respectively for the highs.

By Monday the high is supposed to be 67 degrees! Then we’re supposed to have about 10 days of weather with highs in the low 70’s and lows in mid 40’s.


Around 5:45 pm, Nick, Terry, Jan, and I headed right down the road to King Wha, a really good Chinese restaurant. Very good food and really friendly people. And as last night, we sat around and talked for another hour or so before we headed home for the night.

It’s really good to be back in Elkhart. It’s become almost like a second home.


Thought for the Day:

Freedom is not free. A free society has no choice but to put up with a great deal of bizarre behavior.



One Response

  1. Howdy Greg,

    My cats sleep on the desk and I have to ‘blow’ cat hair out of my mouse every time I use the ‘pooter’ !!!!!!!!!! This morning one was asleep ON THE MOUSE and I like to have never gotten it out from under her.. She’s a real sleepyhead and takes forever to wake up..
    I finally got the cord unwound and out and she didn’t hardly open her eyes.. I’ve got a really cute little black and white kitty for Landon..
    Come on by and get him on your way back to the bayou!!!

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!!

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