On to Elkhart . . .

For some reason I woke up at 6:30 this morning, earlier than I planned, but couldn’t go back to sleep, so up early it was.

The only problem was, not normally up at this un-holy hour, I found it was still pitch-black outside. So I had to wait to do outside stuff.

But I was able to spend some time stowing away stuff inside. By the time I got coffee started, it was starting to get light, so I went outside and started bringing in the satellite stuff and tiding up around the rig. By this time Jan was up and about, and a little later, she heated us up Jimmy Dean Egg Sandwiches for breakfast.

After relaxing a while with our coffee we got prepared to leave and I discovered a problem. I had planned to raise the levelers and pull the coach up about ten feet so I would be able to pull the toad in behind and hook up before we pulled out. The problem was, the levelers wouldn’t come up . . . or at least the control panel said they weren’t all the way up.

I went outside to check and found them all the way up, so I went to the right rear bay to check the hydraulic fluid level in the Power Gear reservoir, and as I suspected (and hoped) the fluid level was low. The reason this makes a difference is that these systems use the level in the reservoir to signal to the control panel whether or not the levelers have retracted all the way.  If the fluid level is low, the system thinks the they haven’t retracted.

And of course, the quick (and cheap. I like cheap!) solution is to top on the reservoir with ATF transmission fluid, and all’s right with the world. I always keep a bottle of it in the coach because without it I’m stuck. If my coach thinks the levelers are down, even if they weren’t, it won’t let you put it in gear.

Now if it only did that when your power cord is still plugged in.

By the time we finally left the park, I had decided to get diesel at a station we had passed last week that had it for $3.77, so Jan was following me in the toad, and we would hook up after we filled up.

The problem was, I couldn’t find where I left the gas station. I mean, it was right there last week. Where could it have gone? Who could have moved it?

Finally, after circling around, and up and down several country roads, Jan called me on her cell and ‘suggested’ that I was lost and she was tired of driving around in circles. And that we should just head on out along our route and fill up along the way, which we did in Rockville, about 15 miles down the road.

I didn’t think she really needed to use that ‘tone’, though. You married guys know the ‘tone’ I’m talking about. You know the one where she thinks you’re lost, and she thinks you’re an idiot for getting lost, but she wants to be nice about it because she knows that otherwise you just might circle around central Indiana three or four more times before you give it up as a lost cause.

That’s the ‘tone’ I’m talking about.

Anyway, taking US41 north, we finally picked up I-65. And as seems to be a usual ‘feature’ of Indiana (and Illinois, too) Interstates, the road immediately went to crap. And the I-80 Toll Road was even worse.

Why is it that toll roads always seem to be even worse than non-toll roads. Where’s all the money going? Certainly not to maintenance.

We finally pulled into the Elkhart RV Campground a little after 4 pm and were directed to our site right next to Nick and Terry.

After hugs and a little small talk, we went back to our rig to get hooked up and set up. Then a little after 5 we all headed over to our favorite local Mexican place, El Maquey. And as usual we ended just sitting around and talking for a couple of hours before finally heading home.

Brandi sent this picture of Landon at his daycare entitled “Couldn’t quite make to nap time”.

Landon Asleep 2


Thought for the Day:

‘If it’s stupid, but it works, It AIN’T stupid!’



5 Responses

  1. Howdy Greg,

    Power-steering, what a wonderful invention 1- finger turning!!! The
    old ‘armstrong’ power-steering never had to be ‘topped-off’, except with Budweiser.. ‘CHEAP DIESEL’ !! How many gallons did you burn ‘looking’ for it ??
    Thank you for the Landon fix.. I guess he’s found out it takes more energy to walk than hang on… I’ve got a file of his pics..

    SMOOTHER roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!

  2. Greg,

    Great post and I know that tone (often accompanied by a certain “look”) so well. Good call on the levelers. Little kids can nap almost anywhere, except when you really want them to.

    Say hi to Nick.

  3. Oh, believe me, I know the ‘look’. And probably got it, too.

    But luckily for me, we were in separate cars so I was shielded from its deadly rays.

  4. Do you have the app “Gas Buddy” on your phone or computer? It would have shown you all the gas stations around and their prices. That’s what I use to find the best price wherever I am. It gives you the address and maps it for you.
    Darling photo of Landon. My son was like that, if he was tired he went to sleep, no matter where he was.

  5. I have it on my computer, not on my phone.

    The problem was that I didn’t ‘need’ to find a station, I ‘knew’ exactly where it was.

    The problem was somebody moved it.

    And since we were kind of out in the middle of nowhere, I knew the only other stations were back toward Terre Haute, opposite of the direction we were going, and down the road on our route to Rockville, about 10 miles away.

    Thanks for reading the blog.


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