Cell Phones and Gas Pumps . . .

Under the heading of ‘Make Up Your Mind”:

According to this gas pump at the local Wal-Mart, you can buy gas by texting the pump to turn it on.

Text Gas Pump

But of course, according to this label, you’re not supposed to use your cell phone.

Turn Off Cell Phone

You’d almost think this was a government operation.


We did our usual 9 am breakfast at Robbi’s for the second to last time this morning before heading over to Effingham for some shopping.

Then it was back to Debbie’s where Jan and Debbie worked on a quilt, and I read and goofed off.

All in all, a very nice afternoon.

Jan and I left about 5:30 to first eat supper at Los Amigos, a local Mexican restaurant, and then on to Wal-Mart for grocery stuff and gas.

Then it was back to the rig to get ready to travel tomorrow.

We’re going to have one last breakfast together and then we’ll hit the road, heading east on I-70 about 100 miles to just west of Terre Haute, IN and then north about 25 miles to the Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails Resort.

We plan on staying two weeks and then we’ll probably head over to Elkhart to catch up with Nick and Terry.


Thought for the Day:

The Irony Award last week went to a Mexican citizen deported from the US to Tijuana: Because he doesn’t have Mexican papers any longer, he can’t get work in Mexico.



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