Carlock . . .

After a quiet restful morning we finally left the Janesville, WI Moose Lodge about 11 am, heading for Kamp Komfort RV Park in Carlock, IL about 160 miles away.

The trip was pretty easy, a little windy, and with the usual Illinois bad roads as soon as we entered the state. And in this case, the worse one was a toll road. At least it was only $2.85.

It never got hot enough to have to use the house AC’s, but when we got here I found the front AC wouldn’t come on. The rear one works fine, and cooled us down with no problem.

Not only does the AC not come on, but neither does the fan by itself, which means the unit is not getting power. I checked the breaker and it’s fine.

So it looks like I’ve got some troubleshooting to do after we get to Vandalia tomorrow.

We pulled into Kamp Komfort, a just west of the Bloomington/Normal, IL area, a little before 2 pm and got set up.

This is a very nice park, and even with all the tall shade trees, the satellite works fine.

Kamp Komfort 1

Kamp Komfort 2

We had planned to do the dinner and a movie thing again, but after getting here we decided to just stay in and Jan fixed dinner here.

Tomorrow we’ve got about 140 mile trip to the Vandalia, IL for a week for our family reunion, and our first time with Landon since February.



Thought for the Day:

Quemadmoeum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est." (A sword is never a killer, it’s a tool in the killer’s hands.) – Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the Younger" (ca. 4 BC-65 AD)


4 Responses

  1. Howdy Greg,

    Only one AC working… Thatz awful.. (read this email)

    LANDON’S COMING YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I tried I’ll try again Smooth roads,clear skies & balmy breezes !!!

  2. Regarding Illinois roads:

    Greg, everything can be explained when you understand that in my lifetime four Illinois governors have gone to prison. And your readers thought New Jersey was corrupt.

  3. Sounds like you have had an interesting week. Hope you continue to have safe travels!!

  4. Good luck with the a/c Greg. Maybe you can call Nick and he can help you troubleshoot……smile! Enjoy IL, we just left family there two weeks and it was hot hot hot while visiting our family there.

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