Guess Who’s Walking?

Sorry about the late post. WordPress wouldn’t let me upload before I went to bed last night.

Yep! Master Landon has started standing up on his own and walking. Brandi
called us just a few minutes after we hit the road this morning.

She said he first stood up with a toy in each hand and took a couple of
steps, then it was 4-5 steps. No pictures yet.

Watch out, World. He’s on the move!

We pulled out of the St. Paul East RV Park about 9:15, heading for the Pine Grove Campground just outside Shawano, WI, about 210 miles away.

Ten minutes later we were in Wisconsin for the first time. For the first 60
miles or so we were on I-94 but then turn off onto SR29. Seeing as this was a
State Road I didn’t really know what to expect, but it turns out that SR29 is an
Interstate in everything but name.

The next 150 miles were all four-lane, limited access, and no traffic lights,
so we made good time.

I was thinking to myself that for some reason the countryside reminded me of
Pennsylvania, the gently-rolling hills, the neat and tidy farmhouses, and then I
saw this and the image was complete.

Didn’t realize there were a lot of Amish in Wisconsin, but I guess so.

I saw yesterday that we passed 6200 miles for the year so far. I figure we’ll
be between 10 and 11 thousand by the time we get back to Houston right before
Thanksgiving. Since we hit the road in February 2008, we’ve put almost 43,000
miles on our coach.

And loved every mile of it.

We arrived at the Pine Grove Campground about 1:30 and got set up in a really
beautiful site right on a lake. 50 amp full hookups too.

Jan immediately started doing laundry.

The only downside is no satellite reception. I put the Winegard about 60 feet
away in the most open area I could find, but no luck. I’ll try again

About 4:30 we headed to Shawano to have dinner. On the way we passed this
neat local institution.

The Indoor-Outdoor movie theater.

It has 4 screens inside and two outside, back to back. For some reason
drive-ins seemed to have survived up here. We’ve seen several still in business
between here and North Dakota.

I know I certainly had a lot of fun at drive-ins growing up.

We ended up at Flamingo’s Family Restaurant for dinner, with Jan having the
Roast Turkey and Dressing and I had the BBQ Pork Short Ribs. Both very good. It
was easy to see why the place was so busy.

Still not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow. Our real reason for coming up
this way is because we wanted to visit the DeYoung Family Zoo in
Wallace, MI, right across the state line from Wisconsin. They’ve had a TV show
on Nat Geo Wild for a couple of years, and we wanted to check the place out.

We had originally planned to go tomorrow, but there’s a 50% chance of
thunderstorms, while it’s supposed to be clear on Monday. So we may extend a day
here and go then, but then that will mean longer driving days getting to
southern Illinois by Wednesday.

So we’ll see tomorrow. BTW it’s pouring down rain right now.


Thought for the Day:

If the government was in charge of the desert , we’d soon have a shortage of



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