Far to go to Fargo . . .

Because we had almost 300 miles to go this morning, and also because we would lose an hour crossing into Central Time Zone, we got an earlier than usual start at 8 am (9 CDT).

We were parked in a long pull-thru site, so I hooked up the toad last night and then all we had to do was unhook the power, raise the levelers, and go.

It was cool enough and cloudy enough on the trip that we didn’t have to start the generator for the AC’s until about 45 minutes before we got to Fargo.

The only RV park we could find in the area was at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds, but they don’t take reservations, so about 30 minutes out I called and was told they probably would have room.

We pulled into the fairgrounds a little before 3 and spent about 15 minutes getting parked and set up.

This is one of those weird parks where the RV’s park butt to butt, but even then it’s hard to tell which side to get your utilities from. We decided to only hook up power, but at least it was 50 amp.

We didn’t even try to hook up the water and sewer, because with the water faucet at the very front of the site, and the sewer connection at the very back, I just didn’t have enough hose. And on top of that, I had to pulled the power cord under the rig to reach the nearest electrical box anyway.

But it’s cheap at $20 a night and it’s level, so no harm, no foul.

About 4:30 we headed out to have dinner at Famous Dave’s BBQ. We haven’t eaten there since Las Vegas in May, so we were really ready for our Famous Dave’s fix. And it was so good that for the first time, we had no leftovers.

But we did get a Bread Pudding to split later at home.  YUMMM!

Tomorrow we’re heading out for the Minneapolis – St. Paul area. Hopefully we’ll be able to find a site at the Mapleton Moose Lodge. I’ll call tomorrow morning to find out.


Thought for the Day:

“Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." — Mark Twain



2 Responses

  1. There is no Mapleton Moose Lodge in the Mpls area as far as I can figure out. However, we have discovered we can get people into the co-op park we are in really cheap if they say they are coming to visit us. 50 amp FHU. http://www.mrarvpark.com/ Let me know if you want us to try.

  2. Thanks for your help. I’m not sure where I got Mapleton from.

    I meant the Maplewood Lodge. I called them this morning and found they have no hookups, just a parking lot.

    I finally found a site out in Woodbury, but thanks for your offer of assistance.

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