Following in the Master’s Footsteps . . .

Yesterday we headed out across Montana, following trails of Gypsy Journals, like Hansel and Gretel following the trail of white pebbles through the dark and scary forest.

Every RV park we stopped at, we heard tales of the jolly fat man arriving in town, but he never stayed long, just passed the night and moved on.

Today we headed into North Dakota, still following in his footsteps, seemingly just a day or two behind, but never quite able to catch up.

Finally, pulling into North Park RV in Dickinson, ND about 1:30 pm, we thought maybe our luck had changed.

‘”Was he here?”

But no, all we found at the office was another lonely stack of Gypsy Journals, and a “You betcha! He was here just last week. Maybe if you hurry, you can catch him.”

But too weary to press on, we decided to bide our time and rest a spell, maybe even two spells, before continuing this maddening quest, every onward ‘cross the plains of North Dakota, like Ahab pursuing the Great White Whale.

“Call me Greg”


Question for the Day:

What was Starbuck’s called before it was Starbuck’s?



9 Responses

  1. A dive! Still following Nick and cleaning up his messes? Greg, you have got to get a life!

    Have a great time, anyway.

  2. Clever post. I think Nick should make you a traveling correspondent.

  3. That was a great post! I read it out loud to two other people and we all howled with laughter. Great job!

  4. It is Moby Dick theme today. Great white whale.Call me Ismael (Gregg). And the name Starbucks comes from Moby Dick. Starbuck was first mate of the Pequod.

  5. Spelling Correction: Ishmael

  6. Too funny, Greg!

  7. Note that the Question of the Day was not Where did Starbuck’s get its name, but What was Starbuck’s called BEFORE it was called Starbuck’s?

  8. Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. I kind of think I already am.

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