More Big Sky Country . . .

Check right after this post for the blog about our day trip on the Beartooth Highway and the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway this past Saturday.

Jan and I were both up about 7:30 this morning. I think we were looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing new things and places

While we were having our coffee and bagels, our daughter Brandi called to say hi and talk abuot our upcoming family reunion in about 10 days.

A little after 9 I called the RV park in Dickinson, ND to be sure they’d have a spot for us for Tuesday and Wednesday night. And when I asked the lady if she would have room for us, I got my first “You Betcha”.

And going through North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin over the next week or so, it probably won’t be our last one, either.

About 9:30, right before we pulled out, I took some Gypsy Journals over to the laundry room to drop some more off. I left a batch there about two weeks ago when we were through here, and it was nice to see that they were almost gone.

We pulled out of our site about 9:45 and then stopped just long enough to hook up the toad, and then we were on our way by 10 am, heading northeast on I-94 to Miles City, MT, about 150 miles away.

We had a lot of pretty country along the way, with rolling hills, interspersed with level plains, and a lot of lakes and rivers. Not exactly what you think of in Montana.

Miles City 1

Miles City 2

Miles City 3

We made one rest stop at about the half way point, and then pulled into the Big Sky Campground about 1 pm.

This is probably the perfect one-night stay campground for us. Long pull-thrus where we don’t have to unhook the toad, pretty level sites. (to me, a site is pretty level if I can get the coach level. I’ve been in some that were so out-of-tilt that I couldn’t level.)

Big Sky RV 1

We even have our own small mountain view.

Big Sky RV 2

And best of all, it’s cheap. $18 a night for 30 amp and water. On one night stays like this we normally don’t even hook up sewer, and in this case we saved $5 over a full hookup site.

Hey, $5 is $5!

Jan fixed a wonderful meal from our leftover Bubba’s BBQ, along with wild rice and baked beans, and even better, fresh chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

I love it when Jan gets domestic!


Thought for the Day:

In 2001 heart disease claimed 669,697 lives; cancer claimed 553,251.

Adverse drug reactions, medical errors, unnecessary medical procedures etc., killed 783,936 people making the American Medical Profession the #1 cause of death in the United States.

If 44,789 people died because they didn’t have insurance (according to the AMA) and 783,936 died because they did, the odds are you’re better off without insurance.



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