Hair Cuts and Bear Spray . . .

After coffee about 9:30 and a lunch of leftover BBQ and Nachos around 12, we goofed off until about 2 pm when we headed out for the afternoon.

Our first stop was the Cody Mural, a panoramic painting covering a dome 18 feet high and 36 feet in diameter. The mural depicts the Mormon pioneers settling the West, and especially the Big Horn Basin here in Wyoming.

Cody Murals Sign

It was interesting to discover that states and territories encouraged Mormon settlers to come to their areas because they were hard-working and industrious. Buffalo Bill even tried to get them to come to Cody, but they ultimately ended up further to the northeast in the Lovell, WY area.

Mural Slideshow

Leaving the Mural, we drove by the local Walgreen’s and I got this shot of their sign.

If Walgreen’s is selling Bear Spray, maybe bears are a bigger problem then I thought.

Walgreen's Bear Spray

Right down the street we came across this very unusual RV parked in a liquor store parking lot.

I might have to be drunk to drive this too. Note the chimney for a wood stove.

Wooden RV 1

I like the AC unit right above the steer horns.

Wooden RV 2

And the back porch is a nice touch, too.

Wooden RV 3

I’d been thinking about getting my hair cut (no snide remarks, please) and saw the Cowboy Cuts Barber Shop and decided to give it a try.

The owner/barber, Coral, was really good, but she was not too complementary of my old haircut. The first thing she said was, “Where’d you get this cut, Wal-Mart”?  I had to sheepishly say “Yes, a while back in Las Vegas”

She said, “Well, I hope you did better at the slots than you did with this haircut.”  Ouch!

She then proceeded to give me a layered cut, and also trimmed my beard. When she finished and I ask, “How much?” She said, “Eight dollars” “Why so cheap”, I ask. She just smiled and said, “You didn’t give me a lot to do.”

Ouch, again. But I did give her a $5 tip.

Cowboy Cuts

Our next stop was Wal-Mart for a few things before we met our friends Al and Adrienne at Bubba’s BBQ. And if you’re counting, that does make it 6 meals in a row at a Bubba’s.

After another great meal of BBQ, Al and Adrienne headed home, while Jan drove down the road a ways to Tecumseh’s Trading Post to check out their 7000 square foot Western diorama.

Highly detailed it shows many scenes from the settling of the West, Custer’s Last Stand, the coming of the railroads, and more, along with voice narration.

Really nice, very well done, and even better, it was free.

Tecumseh Museum 1

Tecumseh Museum 2

Tecumseh Museum 3

Tecumseh Museum 4

Tecumseh Museum 5

Tomorrow, at the suggestion of several of our blog readers, including our friend, Dave Cross, we’re going to drive the Beartooth Highway up north from here. It’s a loop of about 180 miles and is supposed to be really spectacular.


Thought for the Day:

You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.


4 Responses

  1. That diorama is spectacular. As you travel in the west are you finding signs of drought?

  2. What?! No photo of your haircut? We wanna see you cleaned up! lol!

  3. Not really. The snow pack out here ran 150 to 200% this year.

    So there’s been heavy runoff and the rivers are all very high.

  4. I tried.

    But the glare from my head kept ruining the photo.

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