Five in a Row . . .

We left our very nice Motel 6 room about 9:15 and headed right down the street for breakfast, and yes, once again at Bubba’s BBQ.

And that officially makes it four in a row.

After another great breakfast we were back on the road to Cody about 177 miles away by 10:30.

Unlike the last last few days, our trip today was pretty much wildlife-free, except for one pronghorn antelope and a lone bison. We did check out our moose-sighting sites from yesterday but found nothing.

I don’t know where everyone was going today, but the traffic through both parks was much heavier than our other trips through here over the last week.

Except for a couple of rest area stops, we drove straight through to Cody. arriving home about 2:30 pm.

But coming into Cody, we saw something we hadn’t noticed before.

There’s a Bubba’s BBQ here in Cody. We instantly made the decision to have dinner here tonight.

Getting back to the RV park, Jan was happy to find the cats and the rig doing OK. After getting the truck unloaded and things put away, a nap was in order.

About 5:30 we headed out to Bubba’s BBQ to make it Five in a Row. Yes, when we find something good, we just run it into the ground.

Leaving the park I saw this Royal Classic Class C RV with a rear slide, something I’d never seen before. Don’t know what year this one is, but Google tells me that models as early as 1993 had them.


Rear Slide

The Bubba’s here in Cody was almost, but not quite identical, to the one in Jackson. The biggest difference is that they don’t have breakfast at this one. Our waitress said they dropped it a couple of years ago because they weren’t making money on it.

Apparently, although they use mostly the same recipes, they have two different owners, but are not a franchise, either. I did think the BBQ Beans are better here in Cody, and they have bigger iced tea glasses, too.

Coming home, we took a detour to check out a Maverik gas station where we can fuel up the rig on our way out of town on Sunday. If I can I always like to plot out how to get in and out of the station, and where we can hook up when we’re done.

And of course, as usually happens, when I’m about ready to buy diesel, the price starts going up.

Tomorrow we’ve got some errands, and then dinner with Al and Adrienne. And supposedly there is a balloon festival here this weekend, but other places says it’s next weekend.

We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

“The closest thing to eternal life on earth is a government program.” – Ronald Reagan



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