What do you see in this picture ?

We headed out on our overnight trip this morning, leaving a little after 8 am. Our first stop was Peter’s Coffee in downtown Cody for coffee and a breakfast roll, then a quick stop on the way out of town for gas.

Very quickly we were back in the same beautiful vistas we saw last Friday when we did Yellowstone with our friends Al and Adrienne. But it’s hard to get too much of these views.


Although we were heading for Jackson, WY and Grand Teton National Park, we decided to backtrack up past Old Faithful to see the Paint Pots and some of the other geysers.

As we came back by the same place we saw the grizzly last week we slowed down to check things out. Unfortunately, no grizzly, but right down the road we did see this female elk out in the brush.

GTNP Elk 1

Our first stop in Yellowstone was the Fountain Paint Pot area. There is a boardwalk that makes a 1/2 loop out and back so it’s an easy walk.

Paint Pot 5

It’s really hard to describe the Paint Pots. Some of it looks like the surface of the moon.

Paint Pot 1

Paint Pot 4

Some of it looks like the bowels of Hades.

Paint Pot 9

Some of it is very beautiful.

Paint Pot 2 

And some of it looks like all three.

Paint Pot 6 

Paint Pot 7 

But however you want to describe it, it’s not to be missed.

Paint Pot 8

Our next stop was right down the road at the Midway Geyser Basin. A bridge from the parking lot takes you across the Firehole River ( apt name, don’t you think.) and out into the Basin.

Midway Geyser 1

The runoff from the geysers flows into the river and keeps it warm. In fact warm enough to be comfortable for swimming when there’s snow on the ground in the dead of winter.

Midway Geyser 2

I’ll let the rest of the photos tell the story.

Midway Geyser 3 

Midway Geyser 4 

Midway Geyser 5

Midway Geyser 6

By this time it was about 1 pm and we were getting hungry. So heading back to Old Faithful Village we decided to have lunch at the Old Faithful Inn where we ate last Friday. We didn’t have the buffet this time, but we definitely wanted some more of the bison chili. In fact we split a BLT (Well, Jan had a BT because she doesn’t like lettuce on sandwiches. Salads yes, sandwiches, no.) so we would have room for the chili.

Leaving Old Faithful and heading south once again we came across another female elk. So we’re two for two on elk today.

GTNP Elk 2

Down the road a ways we stopped to check out Lewis Falls, a very pretty sight.

Lewis Falls 1 

Lewis Falls 2

As we finally got into Grand Teton National Park we started paralleling Jackson Lake that runs for about 20 miles along the roadway.

Jackson Lake 1

What do you see in the middle of this picture?  I’ll bet you don’t see two large bull moose.

GTNP Moose 4

But they’re there.

Jan’s Holy Grail!

What she’s been looking for since we hit the road for this year this past February.

What we made a special trip down to Grand Teton National Park for when she heard there might be some down here.

GTNP Moose 1













We were able to get as close as about 50 feet since they were in heavy brush. There was a Ranger there keeping everyone from getting too close. Otherwise SOME people would have been trying to pet them.

GTNP Moose 2 

GTNP Moose 5

We watched them for about 20 minutes before they disappeared deeper into the brush and we lost sight of them.

Jan said this made the whole trip worthwhile.

Hey, if she’s happy, I’m happy.

GTNP Moose 3

Getting closer to Jackson we came across this group of bison who had knocked down the fence and were almost out into the highway.

There was a Ranger there too, keeping people back.

Man, these Rangers are real party-poopers.

GTNP Buffalo

Arriving in Jackson a little after 6 pm and getting safely ensconced in our Motel 6 room, (very nice, by the way) we heading out to get some dinner.

We had noticed a place called Bubba’a BBQ on the way in and decided to give a try.

It was easy to see why we had to wait 20 minutes for a table. Boy, was it good.

So good, in fact, we’re going back for breakfast.


Thought for the Day:

Actually, I was pretty thoughtless today. So there.




6 Responses

  1. Greg,
    If you want to see two of the most beautiful roads in America and if you have time when you get back to Cody, I highly recommend the following one half day trip of about 177 miles. Leave Cody, and head to Red Lodge MT, on WY-120 which changes to SR-72 when you get to MT. About 10.6 miles into MT., turn left onto SR-308 and then right onto US-212 after about 14.5 miles. When you get into Red Lodge, stay on US-212, the Beartooth Highway. In my opinion, this is the most spectacular highway in the lower 48. Take the Beartooth 50.4 miles back into WY. and when you get to WY-296, Crandall Rd, make another left turn, heading back south. In about 25.3 miles, the road changes to CR-7RO. Continue on 20.7 miles and then turn right onto WY-120 and take that back to Cody. The section from Beartooth Highway to WY-120 is known as the Chief Joseph Highway and is very scenic also.

  2. I’m jealous! We’ve only seen a female moose and a calf from far far away! Beautiful photos guys! 🙂 We’re going there in September or sooner.

  3. Howdy Greg,
    I have just spent 2.5 hours perusing your blog in full screen mode…
    WOW, SPECTACULAR !!!! I could see where all of the fires had killed
    the standing timber and the fumaroles looked as if they are ‘drying’ up
    in the drought.. Good pics of Jan’s meese, but I never saw the two in the across the water shot or the other two pics..Are you sure there are
    two?? Were the rivers roaring ?? Man, I love traveling with y’all !!!

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the info.

    The friends we’re visiting here in Cody also mentioned this drive. We may be able to do tomorrow before we leave on Sunday.

    Thanks for reading our blog.

    Greg White

  5. Thanks. We had a great time.

    Hopefully Jan got her moose-fix for a while.

    Drive safe, and hope to see you soon.

    Greg and Jan

  6. The moose are there in the long shots.

    I just did those to show what they look like at my camera’s 1X setting.

    The other shots are at full or almost full zoom at 72X.

    Glad you’re enjoying the photos.


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