Something I never thought I’d hear in a Mexican restaurant !

Got this photo from a postcard. It shows a full shot of Jimbo, the 106 foot Supersaurus at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

That’s one big dino.

Jimbo - 1000

And this is a little paleontologist humor from the staff bulletin board at the Dino Center.

Dinosaur Cartoon

Today was a do-nothing day for us, and after a couple of very busy days, we really needed it.

After coffee at 10 and lunch about 11:30, Jan napped and read, while I spent some time planning our trip to the Tetons later this week.

After a little research I found a Motel 6 in Jackson, WY for a $110.00 A NIGHT!

WOW! They’ve forgotten the whole concept of what the 6 in Motel 6 stands for.

We’ll go down on Tuesday, stay two nights, and then come back on Thursday.

We thought about taking the rig down, but RV sites in the area are $75 – $85 a night plus about $200 in diesel for the 360 mile round trip. So it’s still cheaper to pay $220 for the room plus much less gas for the toad.

About 5:30 we headed out for dinner, and decided to try La Comida, a Mexican restaurant right across the street from Zapata’s, where we ate our first night here.

And compared to Zapata’s it was a mistake. The chips tasted like they came out of a 50 pound bag from Sam’s Club or Costco. And I would swear the salsa came from ‘NEW YORK CITY”.

And when Jan ordered the Deluxe Nachos, I heard something I never thought I’d hear in a Mexican restaurant. She noticed on the menu that the nachos didn’t come with jalapenos, so she the waitress if she could have them add some.

And the waitress said, and I swear I’m not making this up, “I’ll see if we have some”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Well, at least they don’t put black olives on their nachos like some places up north do.

Coming home, we walked over a couple of rows here in the park to meet Sherry and Charley Dilworth. They had heard from Lu and Larry Tillotson that we were here and left a card on our door saying they wanted to meet us.

We spent an hour or so getting to know them and had a great time. They’re planning on being at Nick Russell’s Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, OH this coming September, so I’m sure we’ll see them again.

Coming back to the rig we meet our next door neighbors, Beth and her husband. I’m sorry but I didn’t get his name. They’ve only had their camper for about 4 months, so they still learning about the RV life. I gave them copies of the Gypsy Journal which should give them a good start.

Tomorrow we’re taking a trolley tour around Cody, and then we’ll take in the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum.

More tomorrow . . .


Thought for the Day:

"Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own." – Aesop



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