Sunday with Landon, But No Chicken . . .

About getting up this morning about 10:15, and having our coffee and bagels, about 11:30 we Landon-Skyped with Lowell, Brandi, and of course, Landon.

And as usual, Landon was a ball of fire, never still for a minute. In fact Lowell sometimes had problems keeping him in the camera frame.

Video call snapshot 186

Video call snapshot 189

Video call snapshot 226

Video call snapshot 211

Video call snapshot 207

Video call snapshot 205

Lucky for us, we’ll be seeing them in about 3 weeks when we all meet for a family reunion at my sister-in-law Debbie’s in southern Illinois.

We can’t wait!

About 2:30 Jan and I drove over to the Midway Swap Meet that we had passed on the way into Columbia Falls. They didn’t have a lot of booths but it only cost $1 each to get in, so we weren’t disappointed. We did buy some Hot Pepper and Jalapeno Jelly, and some Huckleberry Jelly after trying some samples.

Midway Swap Meet

Coming back into town we stopped to get a closer look at a chrome buffalo we had passed before. Turns out it really is chrome. It’s made from pieces of car bumpers and other chrome parts. Some are cut to shape, and some are just pounded into place.

Chrome Buffalo

It even has a Chevy emblem on its forehead.

Chrome Buffalo Head

A really neat piece of art work.

We decided to have a late lunch at The Nite Owl again, after supper there last night.

We both wanted some more of their delicious Broasted Chicken, but as it turns out, we were out of luck. They don’t start serving the chicken until 4 pm. Bummer!

But we did make up for it with some really good sandwiches. Jan had her favorite Rueben, and I had a delicious Club Sandwich, both with fries.

After a great meal, and leaving the restaurant, I saw this neat old Chevy parked on the side of the parking lot.

Nite Owl Car

But I really got a start when I looked in the car. For some reason this guy rides around with a large stuffed gorilla in the backseat.

Nite Owl Car Gorilla

Maybe he uses it to drive in the HOV lanes?

Getting back to the rig, it seemed to be a good time for a nap. And it was.

Our son Chris called about 7 pm to check in and bring us up to date on things with his family.

Then about 8 pm Jan fixed us a light supper of a slice of leftover pizza, and Wheat Thins with cream cheese, and some of the Hot Pepper and Jalapeno Jelly that we bought at the Swap Meet today.

About 10:15 Nick Russell called to check in. He and Terry are in Coeur d’Alene for the night. We talked about when we’ll next meet up, probably in Elkhart.

Tomorrow we’re going to make the 100 mile round trip on the “Going To The Sun” road thru Glacier National Park about 16 miles away.


Thought For The Day:

The mystery of government is not how Washington works, but how to make it stop.



One Response

  1. Howdy Greg,

    Landon is really getting around good.. He’ll be walking by the time you see him.. Broasted chicken is not fried itz BROASTED!!! Itz put in a ‘broaster’, like a pressure-cooker and baked.. Itz the best I’ve ever had, too, also… A Cajun friend used to have a ‘Broasted-Chicken’ franchise, in Garland,Texas…
    Thank you, so much for the Landon fix.. Hez the ‘most’…

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!

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