Pizza and Plugs . . .

I got up about 10 this morning, made coffee, and hit the Internet for a while. Then around noon, Jan heated up the leftover pizza from Bremerton, along with chips and onion dip. Like most Italian food, the pizza got better with age.

I had planned to install the plugs and receptacles on my transfer switch bypass this morning, but got sidetracked when I went outside to shut the shore power off.

I found a bag hanging on the door containing a gift for Jan, a knitted dishcloth, and a note from Jeanne of Jeannie and Eldy asking if we wanted to have dinner tonight. The funny thing was that Jan had just read their blog a little earlier, saw they were here, and said we should get in touch. They mentioned their AT&T cell phones weren’t working too well here, so a little later I drove down to their rig to check in.

Eldy was there and said Jeanne was out hiking with her brother and he’d check with her when she got back about time and place for dinner.

Eldy and I talked RV’ing for a while, and then I came home and got back to work on my wiring job.

50 amp plugInstalling the two plugs on the wires going to the circuit breaker panel was easy, well as easy as working with #8 wires that don’t want to bend can be, and it only took a few minutes to install each one.


50 amp receptacle

But the receptacles on the shore power and generator leads were a different story.

I needed to lengthen the wires so I would have enough room to work, but as it turned out I needed more wire than I had anticipated. So I decided to just wire up the shore power and wait until we’re closer to civilization in the next few days, near Spokane.

Finally about 4:30 I had it all wired up and tested with no resultant sparks or smoke. Always a good sign.

About 6 pm we met Jeanne and Eldy at their rig and headed out for pizza at the Headwater’s Pub & Pizza a few miles down the road.

Eldy & Jeanne

We spent a couple of fun hours talking about traveling, RV’ing, and life in general, and had a really good time.

Leaving Headwater’s we said our goodbyes and goodnights. Hopefully we’ll see them down the road soon.

Before leaving the parking lot, and since I had a good cell phone signal, I put in a call to Nick Russell to see what was up with him and Terry. Looks like they’re going to stay a while longer at the Elk’s Lodge in Bremerton before moving on. They plan to start heading back east some time in early August.

And on a happy note, I’ve been gone two days and Nick still hasn’t broken anything yet.

Good job, Nick.

We got back to the rig a little before 8 pm so I started putting things away outside and getting us ready to travel tomorrow.

We’re moving about 270 miles away to Newport, WA, to the Little Diamond Thousand Trails park, which is about 40 miles north of Spokane. We plan on beginning there for 4 nights before heading over to Glacier National Park for a few days.

Brandi sent this picture of Landon having a Nap Attack. Kids can fall asleep anywhere.

Sleepy Head Nap Attack

More tomorrow from Little Diamond.


Thought for the Day:

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but it’s ALWAYS right!



3 Responses

  1. I think I understand the manual switching (via mechanical plugs) of Shore vs Generator power input, but I haven’t seen (or missed) what you are doing for the inverter power when those two sources are unavailable. Or have you decided not to use an inverter ? Please keep sharing how it is going.

  2. Howdy Greg,

    TWO DAYS!!! Reckon he’ll make a week? That is the best pic I’ve ever seen of Jeanne & Eldy; THANK YOU.. Also, Thanx for the Landon fix.. He is sure growing.. You’re right about the sleeping any
    where.. Pizza for lunch & supper?? Have a ball!!

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Right now we just won’t have an inverter. I do have some small ones that I will use to run the laptop/GPS while we’re on the road.

    The inverter quit working some time after the transfer switch, so I also don’t have a battery charger now either. The transfer switch and the inverter/charger are all part of the same unit, so it may be related. But my engine alternator charges both sets of batteries when we’re driving and I have a small battery charger to use while we’re parked, so we should be OK.

    We’re on the move pretty much every few days right now, so I don’t want to fool with getting it fixed until we’re back in OH/IN and I can have Kevin Mallory at CruisingAmericaRV take a look at it. He rebuilds these old ones, and I’ll decide then to rebuild it or replace it with a new one.

    Thanks for reading the blog.

    Greg White

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