Grand Canyon–Part 1 . . .

Our Grand Canyon day started early. Jan was up about 6:30, said she was too excited to sleep. I was up by 7:30, and we left the rig about 8:15 to make the 5 minute trip to the Grand Canyon Railway Station.

After we picked up our tickets, Jan checked out the gift shop while I checked out the steam engine that they used on the Grand Canyon trip until recently.

Canyon Steam Engine

We boarded our car about 9:15, and the train pulled out about 9:30 to make the 65 mile trip in about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Canyon Train Station

Our seats were in a First Class car, with an observation dome on top.

Canyon Coach

Along the way we came across this herd of horses on the move. Don’t know if they were startled by the train, or just running for the fun of it, but they paced the train for a few minutes.

Canyon Horse 1

Certainly makes you feel you’re out West.

Canyon Horse 2

The train snakes its way up to the canyon, so from our car, third from the end, we were often able to see the front of the train.

Canyon Curves

After our train arrived and we walked to the canyon rim at the Bright Angel area, our first view of the Grand Canyon was just spectacular.

Canyon First View

Everywhere you look you see colors and patterns as far as the eye can see.

Canyon Bottom

This photo shows the multi-mile hiking trail that takes you further out into the canyon.

Canyon Trail

I’ll let these next pictures speak for themselves.

Canyon 1

Canyon 2

Canyon 3

Canyon 4

Canyon 5

Looking over the edge of the canyon we saw this squirrel looking up at us. As soon as he saw us, he started climbing up the outside wall, heading our way.

Canyon Squirrel 1

It was obvious that he expected to be fed,

Canyon Squirrel 2

and despite the sign below, he was going to follow us until he was.

Squirrel Sign

Canyon Squirrel 3

And when we refused to put out, he headed down the wall looking for someone else.

Canyon Squirrel 4

The building at the left in this photo is the Lookout Studio, built by Fred Harvey to give a close up view of the canyon.

Canyon Lookout

Canyon 6

Canyon 9

Canyon 7

While I was out on one of the lookout points here, Jan stayed up top sitting on one of the low walls.Canyon 8

Suddenly another squirrel appeared, climbing up over the wall, and going directly to the trashcan. After pulling out several empty wrappers, he saw Jan sitting there and headed for her. He climbed right up on her lap, sat on her fanny pack, and put his little paws up to her.

Everyone around her marveled at this, but no one took a DARN photo.

Canyon Squirrel 5

That’s about it for today. I’ll have Part Two tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

You may turn the other cheek, but I prefer to look into my enemy’s vacant dead eyes.



4 Responses

  1. Howdy Greg,
    THATZ ONE BIG HOLE!!!! Thanx, for the pics.. No
    matter how many times you see pics of the canyon
    it’s always changing.. The squirrels on the South
    Rim are kin to the ones on the North Rim, but are a
    different species.. Too far to visit cuzzinz !!!! Jan just has a way with animals !!! That sure is a modern looking train for that part of the country… Looking forward to Part 2 !!! I bet Mister would like a little squirrel to ‘play’ with !!!
    I’m loving this trip….

  2. HI! I can just barely see you over there on the south rim! I’m at the North Rim preparing to start working. We don’t open to the public over here until May 15th, so I get some days to just marvel at the view.

  3. Mister probably would just ‘play’ with it. He really doesn’t know how to kill anything.

    Of course, at 25 pounds, if he just rolled over on it, it would be a goner.

  4. I thought I recognized someone over there, but I wasn’t sure.

    Hope ya’ll have fun this summer.

    Greg and Jan

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