Wigwams and Pie . . .

We left Show Low about 9:30 this morning heading 170 miles away to Williams, AZ to spend a few days seeing the Grand Canyon and other sights in the area.

Overall the trip was pretty uneventful, with some road construction on SR77 between Show Low and Holbrook and a lot of smoke around Flagstaff.

Holbrook, where we got on I-40W was on the old Route 66, and was also home to one of the 7 Wigwam Motels in the country. My family and I stayed here on a trip out west in 1963.



Built in 1950, it first closed in 1974, but the original owner’s family renovated and reopened it in 1988. And, in fact, the same family still operates it today.

It’s good to see it’s still around. There are only 3 of the original 7 still in existence.

After getting on I-40, our first stop was at the Flying J Truck Stop in Winslow, AZ. Nick wanted to fuel up with diesel and propane, and we all wanted to eat breakfast at the adjacent Denny’s.

We finally got back on the road about 1:30 for the hundred mile run to Williams, with Mister spending the whole trip catching rays in the front window.

Sometimes wide awake . . .

Miister 1

Sometimes dozing off . . .

Mister 2

And sometimes, just completely out of it.

Mister 3

Mister 4

Mister 5

Approaching the Flagstaff area we started seeing a lot of smoke in front of us. It turned out to be a Forest Service controlled burn. Although it wasn’t too bad, we did hit several thick patches and you could certainly smell it.

While passing through some of this, we were passed by Kenny Chesney’s tour bus. He’s got an upcoming gig in Vegas and travels in style. Must be nice to have someone to drive the RV for you.


Just as we were pulling into the Canyon Gate RV Park in Williams, our daughter Brandi called to check it and tell us that Landon’s daycare had called and said a little girl in his group had BIT him. We all figured that just as soon as he has some teeth, he’ll bite’r back.

After getting set up, everyone rested up, and then about 5:30 we all headed out for a drive around the area, and dinner.

And as it turned out, dinner was at the Pine Country Café, where we ate last year when we were through here. Our meal was good, but what we really came for were the pies.

They bake 44 different kinds of pie every day, but when a particular flavor is gone, it’s gone for the day.

Pine Country Pies

Jan had this huge slice of Coconut Cream, with enough left over to take home.

Pine Country Coconut Pie

And I had this delicious Strawberry Cream Cheese.

I didn’t have any left over.

Pine Country Strawberry Cream Cheese

Tomorrow Jan and I are taking the Grand Canyon Railway train trip to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It leaves about 9:30 and returns to Williams about 5:30 or so. Nick and Terry did this trip last year, so they’re going to sit this one out and rest up.

It’s supposed to get down to 29 degrees here tonight, but it’s just after midnight and it’s already 31.

So I think it might get colder. We’ll see.


Thought for the Day:

“… that he is incapable of staying on the river of a thought, and is constantly lured down tributaries from which he can never quite work his way back–you can see him batting the little paddles of his mind against the weeds, trying desperately to return to the river but not remembering where it is, or where it was going."



5 Responses

  1. Loved the cat pictures, I can see who is “in charge”. And the pie!!! Nothing better than a big old chunk of pie…safe travels ya all! (I am practicing)

  2. Howdy Greg,
    The TFTD just fitz me!!!! Don’t let him bite her back..Thatz the wrong thing to do!!! (give him a 2X4) That’ll learn her!!! How in the world can you eat that size of a pie slice AFTER a meal??? I could eat it by itself,but NOT AFTER A MEAL!!! IT SURE DOES LOOK GOOD, THOUGH!! Enjoy the train ride enuff for me too, also!
    Don’t let Nick get eaten by a lion, please…

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have someone to drive the RV for me–my husband, Dave. 🙂

    In Minnesota they no longer called them controlled burns. Now they call them prescribed burns. Do you suppose one too many got out of control?

  4. Actually, we found out it was a ‘he’, not a ‘she’.

    It was his best friend Vincent that he plays with all the time.

    Apparently Vincent, who is only a few weeks older than Landon, was trying out his new teeth.

    The daycare lady said he has bitten her too.


  5. They probably stopped calling them ‘controlled’ because they often become ‘uncontrolled’

    Thanks for reading the blog.


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