Riding the Winds of Change . . .

For a change, I got up before Jan, about 8:45, with Jan following about half an hour later. I got the coffee set up and got on the computer. Jan got up just in time for our daughter Brandi to call to tell us about Landon and his new toy.

Here’s some more shots of Landon enjoying his new Alphabet Train. Brandi says he doesn’t want to leave it, even to eat.

Landon 250

Landon 259

After lunch I went outside for a couple of more maintenance jobs. The backup camera on our toad had quit working and I wanted to take a look at it. After a little searching I found a bad connection on the wireless transmitter in the right taillight. A quick spray with CorrosionX fixed the problem.

Next I wanted to take another look at the leaking valve extension on the driver’s rear dual. I added some air and then replaced the extension with another type. We’ll see how it works.

Nick had loaned us his iPad so Jan could finish reading the murder mystery he’s written. After she finished she said it was REALLY good, and the ending was a complete twist. He’s getting it ready to put it up on Amazon’s Kindle service. Once word gets out it should be very popular.

Anyway, after Jan was finished with the iPad she left it on the sofa and Mister commandeered it as his pillow. I told Nick if he wants it back he’ll have to take it away from our 25 lb. cat who still has his claws. Doesn’t look like he’s going to let go anytime soon.

Mister's iPad

About 4 pm we heard from The Talk TV show. We had originally wanted to attend the taping on the 2nd of May. But it turns out, the entire week of the 2nd is dedicated to mothers and Mother’s Day, so they are only having mothers in the audience. They then ask if we could make a later date and suggested May 11th. We said that would be fine. And even better, that day has two tapings so we’ll get to see two shows instead of just one.

But this would mean that we would have to drive back down from Coarsegold since we plan on being there at that time. But it will make a nice overnight trip into LA.

About 4:15 we headed out with Nick and Terry to Native New Yorker to have our last dinner here in Show Low.

And that’s when everything changed.

We had been talking about when we were going to head up to Coarsegold and what route we were going to take, when Nick said those fateful words.

“Why don’t we go up to Las Vegas for a couple of weeks first?”

And that did it. Suddenly all our plans changed. As soon as we got back to the rigs we made reservations at the Thousand Trails park in Las Vegas and we were set.

So as it stands now, we’re leaving here tomorrow, heading about 170 miles over to Willaims, AZ for 3 nights so Jan and I can take the Grand Canyon Railway and visit the Bearizona Wildlife Park.

Then on Saturday we’ll head north to Sin City to try and succumb to as many temptations as we can handle.

And I think between Nick and I, we can handle a LOT!

We still plan on doing The Talk taping trip, just from Vegas instead of Coarsegold.

But of course, all this could change tomorrow.


Thought For The Day:

Comforting lies are not your friends. Painful truths are not your enemies