Pelonis and DirecTV . . .

This morning started for me about 10:15. Jan of course, gets up earlier. I made coffee and we split a bacon cheese bagel from the Fry’s in Cottonwood.

Our next onerous task was simply to gaze out the windows and enjoy the great view.

The Elk’s Lodge here in Show Low has a very nice RV park with the beautiful surroundings and full hookups for only $15/day.

Show Low Elks Lodge 1

And it also has just the perfect amount of trees, enough to provide some nice shade, but not too many to block the satellite dish.

Show Low Elks Lodge 2

Around 12 Jan heated up the last of the pizza from our visit to Crusty’s Pizza in Camp Verde this past Monday, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon working on client web stuff.

About 3 pm I decided an hour nap was in order. Then, after a very nice nap, I tackled a problem with our Pelonis floor heaters.

Pelonis HeaterThere was so much dust and cat hair accumulated over the last 4 years that it was causing them to overheat and shut down. So I wanted to take them apart and vacuum them out.

Easier said than done, however.

It quickly became obvious that these things were not designed to come apart. They seemed like a Chinese puzzle, but what I didn’t count on is that they were kind of spring loaded. When I got them apart to a certain point, they just exploded  into a bunch of pieces. So now I’ve got to get it all back together and hope I don’t have any pieces left over.

I hate it when that happens!

Then, a little before 5 pm our DirecTV started acting up. It was flashing a message telling me that one of the two tuners had lost the satellite signal. This happens occasionally when the wind blows the dish a little off aim. But before going outside to adjust it, I check the signal level on the DVR, and it said both tuners were 90% or above. It also was supposed to record Big Bang Theory starting at 5 but it didn’t.

I first tried resetting the DVR with the button, but after it came back up in about 5 minutes, it still was doing the same thing.

So I called DirecTV, got put straight though to Tech Support. After verifying my ID, he started sending commands to my DVR over the sat. link and having me tell him what I saw.

Then he sent some more data down to my set and had me run the System Setup using the new data. And this fixed the problem. As soon as the system came back up everything was working fine.

Great service from DirecTV.

Later Nick and Terry came over and we headed out for supper. We first tried Native New Yorker (yeah, I know we ate there yesterday, but it was really good), but they had a 45 minute wait. So we drove over to the Pizza Factory for an OK meal. Certainly not as good as Crusty’s or Da Boyz, but OK.

That’s it for today. Probably shopping and some errands tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

Having an opinion is not the same as having the answer.