More Landon Skyping . . .

This morning got off to a great start. First with good coffee, but more importantly, with Landon Skyping. We spent almost 20 minutes online with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon, having a great time. It was obvious that Landon could see and respond to us, as he would giggle and squeal when we called out and waved to him.

Video call snapshot 44

Video call snapshot 40

Video call snapshot 39

Video call snapshot 38

Video call snapshot 37

He spent some time playing with his favorite toy, a wooden spoon, that he loves to beat on the floor.

Video call snapshot 36

Video call snapshot 33

Video call snapshot 32

Toward the end he started to show off his ‘almost crawling’ ability. He’s just about got it down. He just needs better traction.

Video call snapshot 59

Video call snapshot 56

Video call snapshot 55

Video call snapshot 48

These last two photos were taken from the videos that Brandi sent later in the morning.



These three videos show that Landon has also got a great butterfly stroke for swimming. He just needs a pool to try it.

Landon Almost Crawling 1

Landon Almost Crawling 2

Landon Almost Crawling 3

Later, after we said our goodbyes, for lunch Jan heated up some of the El Pollo Loco chicken, beans, rice, and soup that we brought back from Mesa the other day. And lucky for us, we have enough for another meal. Their marinated fire-grilled chicken is fantastic.

After lunch Jan and I went outside to try and put the cargo bay door back on. We had removed it to take down to RV Renovators in Mesa to get an estimate on the repair for the damage that was done at the fairgrounds in Tucson.

Coach Bay Door

I say ‘try’ to put it back on because we couldn’t get it to latch up. It’s always kind of picky. I’ll get Nick to help me with it later.

I spent the afternoon working on client website stuff, then took a nap, while Jan read, watch TV, and took a nap.

Naps are nice!

A little before 5, after dropping the garbage off at the dumpster, Jan and I drove over to pick up Nick and Terry to drive into Cottonwood to have dinner at the China Buffet. Pretty decent Chinese buffet for a small town.

On our way home, since it was on the way we stopped by our rig so Nick could help me give the bay door another try. And at first we weren’t having any luck with it either, until Miss Terry came over and fixed it, apparently just by staring at it. And as soon as she did, it just snapped into place.

Just another reason she’s the only one allowed to use tools in that family.

Tomorrow Jan and I are going to drive a few miles up I-17 toward Flagstaff to check out the Montezuma Castle National Monument Indian cliff dwellings, and also the nearby Montezuma Well oasis area. Jan and I are going it alone because Nick and Terry (mostly Terry) are hard at work getting the latest issue of the Gypsy Journal ready to go out in the mail.

We still plan on leaving here Wednesday morning to head over to the Elk’s Lodge in Show Low for several weeks before heading over to Coarsegold, CA and the Yosemite area.

See you back here tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

Thou shalt not steal. The government hates the competition.