Buffets and Big Steaks . . .

I got up a little before 10 to find Jan was already up and feeling better. Not 100% yet, but definitely on the mend.

I fixed coffee while Jan tried to catch up on several days of email and blogs, but she tired out before she finished. There’s always tomorrow.

Around 1 Jan fixed us a lunch of cheese toast and chips. She’s still eating light while she’s getting back to normal. And of course, since the cheese toast was made with Miss Terry’s great homemade bread, it was all good.

After lunch I went outside to hang up the two side solar screens before the afternoon sun hit the side of the coach.

Although we can run both A/C’s on 30 amps, we can’t run both A/C’s with the TV and the computer on, so I want to cut down the heat load as much as possible.

I also clean the filter on the front A/C, as I noticed that the air flow from the vents didn’t seem to be up to par. Taking the vent cover off I discovered that the filter sheet was completely clogged. I was surprised to find this since I had just cleaned them less than two months ago.

But in looking closer I discovered the problem. The filters were clogged with dust, lots and lots of dust. Apparently the six weeks or so we’ve spent in the dusty climes of Yuma and Tucson had taken its toll.

But a quick rinse in the shower took care of the problem, and the A/C started putting out a lot more nice cold air.

Jan said she kind of had a hankering for Chinese, I remembered Nick had said there was a Chinese buffet around here somewhere, but I didn’t remember which town, Camp Verde or Cottonwood.

So since Nick and Terry were in Show Low visiting relatives, I emailed him to find out where it was. And he called back a little while later to give us directions to the place in Cottonwood.

So a little before 5 Jan and I drove over to Cottonwood to have dinner. And as Nick said, it was really pretty good.

After dinner, we drove around Cottonwood, checking out the town and the surrounding area.

After a nice drive, we got home about 6:30, but first drove around the park some, while also looking for a dumpster.

Nick called a little after 8 to see if Jan was up to a DQ run, but she decided to beg off till another time.

Tomorrow I’m thinking about installing the new grey tank valve I got before we left Tucson.

We’ll see how it goes.

Since this is a short post, here’s a rerun of our visit to Amarillo last June.


Thought for the Day:

“Always observe the first rule of a gunfight: have a gun.”


Another cow bites the dust…

Posted on June 14, 2010

We left Valley View RV Park in Ft. Sumner, NM about 9:30 am after getting 107 gallons of diesel at a Valero. It was $3.09 a gallon, which is better than the $3.69 I paid in Washington State a few weeks ago, but not as good as $2.89 in Salt Lake City about a week ago. And of course it was $2.74 when we got into Texas today. Oh well.

About an hour later we passed thru Clovis, NM, our daughter-in-law Linda’s home town, though we didn’t really get to see a lot of it just passing through.

Then, about 10 miles later we were back in Texas and the Central Time Zone, for the first time since late February.

It’s good to be home, and “back to civilization’” as Jan says. Of course, Jan defines “civilization” as any place that has a nearby WalMart. And today in Clovis was the first sign of a WalMart in 4 days.

Compared to the RV park from Hell in Magdalena night before last, the park in Ft. Sumner was a Rivera resort. And they were both the same price, $20. Here’s a couple of photos of the Ft. Sumner park.

The kind of funny thing about here in Ft. Sumner is that, although I had no usable cell service, just a signal, but with no bars, I had good Internet on my Verizon AirCard, which is supposed to use the same signal band. If I tried to make a phone call, it would try to connect and then just drop out. Funny.

ValleyViewRV 1 ValleyViewRV 2

And,although it’s hard to tell from this photo, the Amarillo Ranch RV Park we’re now at here in Amarillo for the next two nights is even nicer, and only $16.50 with Passport America. Whoopee!


After arriving at Amarillo Ranch RV Park about 2 pm we got set up, and then a little while later headed out for some shopping. Our first stop was Sam’s Club, and after that we headed toward Kohl’s so Jan could find some sandals for Brandi’s wedding.

But we discovered that the Kohl’s was way west of town about 12 miles away, and we’d decided we wanted to eat at the Big Texan Steak Ranch, which was the other way, before it got too crowded. So we headed back toward the RV park, and the Big Texan, which is is about a mile on the other side. We’ll do Kohl’s tomorrow.

Let me tell you, the Big Texan is big! It not only has the enormous two-story restaurant and gift shop, but a small casino with slot machines, and a motel next door.

BigTexan 1

Jan was apparently too hungry to get up close and personal with Big Tex here,

BigTexan 2

like she did with Babe the Blue Ox in Klamath, CA last month. Maybe next time.

Babe 1

Babe 2

The Big Texan claim to fame is their 72 oz Steak Challenge.

Free Steak! I’m going to have to check this out.

BigTexan 3

The decor can be described as “Western Chic”, but who cares if the steaks are good.

BigTexan 4

And here’s where the action takes place. It’s up on a stage, complete with two live steaming Internet WebCams to record all the action.

And here’s the deal.

BigTexan 5

You have 1 hour to eat a 72 oz Sirloin steak, shrimp cocktail, salad, baked potato, and a dinner roll.

If you do it, it’s all free.

If you don’t, it costs you $72.00.

I assume they get their money up front.

Yikes! That’s not a steak, that’s a roast. That’s 4 and a half pounds of meat!


I don’t know if you have to eat the two raw jalapenos or not.

The oldest person to complete the challenge was a 69 year-old grandmother.

The youngest was an 11 year-old boy.

The record time is 8 minutes 52 seconds by Joey Chesnut, the World Champion Hot Dog Eating Contest Winner.

And a Bengal tiger once ate the 72 oz steak in 90 seconds. Don’t know what he did with the baked potato and shrimp cocktail.

We found out later that they have this limo that will come over to the RV park and pick you up and return you.

This is probably a good idea if you plan on trying the Challenge, since you’ll probably be too stuffed to drive, win or lose.

BigTexan 6

For our part, Jan had the 9 oz Filet, and I did the Quarter Challenge, with the 18 oz. Ribeye.

Unfortunately I was too hungry to take a picture first, but 18 oz. of steak is big!

And, although I finished the 18 oz. steak, salad, baked potato, and a roll, I don’t think i could handle 3 more steaks and a shrimp cocktail.

I told Jan that I’d be willing to starve myself for a couple of days and give it a try if someone else wanted to foot the bill.

We were certainly too full for dessert, but we’d heard they had really good carrot cake so we ask for a slice to go.

And this is what we got.

When they say Big, they mean it. It fills the whole container!

BigTexan 7

As we staggered out to the truck, almost too stuffed to walk, our daughter Brandi called to check up on things since we had had spotty cell service for the last couple of days

Then it was back to the rig, to just sit around and digest.

More tomorrow…

but we probably won’t eat again ‘til Thursday.

Quote of the day:

For a while we pondered whether to take a vacation or get a divorce. We decided that a trip to Bermuda is over in two weeks, but a divorce is something you always have. — Woody Allen