Outrigger’s. . .

Today, as usual, we start with the requisite Landon photo.

Landon Frowning 1

He looks like he’s not too sure what’s going on, but whatever it is, he doesn’t like it.

Forgot to mention this yesterday, but when were in Ryan’s last evening, Jan looked around and said she kept waiting for the Amish to come in.

When we would visit Ryan’s in Elkhart IN, we always saw a large number of Amish eating there. Apparently, Ryan’s is very popular with the Amish for some reason.

Nick Russell called a little after 1 pm, so we could catch up and solve a few more of the world’s problems. They’re in the Gettysburg PA area, and say it’s well recommended as a great place to visit.

About 3 pm we drove up the road to Outriggers, our favorite local on-the-water seafood place.

In this case, on-the-water means on the Clear Lake Channel, connecting Clear Lake with Galveston Bay, and under the Kemah Bridge.

Outriggers 1 Outriggers 2

They have a great open-air deck overlooking the Channel.

Outriggers 3

And the view is great, too.

Outriggers 4 Outriggers 5

Clear Lake

Of course, the food was great, too…as usual. We started off with a dozen raw oysters. Our waitress said we were lucky as the season had just started, otherwise they wouldn’t have been available.

Kemah Oysters

For our entrees, Jan had a Shrimp and Oyster Po-boy, and I had a cup of Red Beans and Rice, and a dozen Boiled Shrimp. Kemah Shrimp

While we were eating we saw a shrimp boat come in to dock, followed by a large flock of seagulls. Deckhands usually are washing the trash fish off the deck thru the scuppers, and into the water. And the seagulls are always looking for a handout. Kemah Shrimpboat

Also nearby, we saw several of Jan’s favorite birds, pelicans. 

Kemah Pelicans 1 Kemah Pelicans 2

We’ll probably try to bring Jan’s sister, Debbie and her husband, Jim, here next week.

More tomorrow…

Thought of the Day:
The Bill of Rights: Another bill members of Congress haven’t read.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Greg,

    Last time we were in Houston we ate at a restaurant named Monument. Fabulous seafood and generous portions. I’d give it 4 stars out of 5.
    Check it out.

  2. George,

    I think you’re probably talking about Monument Inn.

    It’s up on the Ship Channel near the San Jacinto Monument.

    We’ve eaten there on and off for about 30 years.

    It’s pretty good, but kind of overpriced and not as fresh as some places.

    At places like Outrigger’s, and others in our area, they get their fish and shrimp right off the boat that docks in front of the place. Those shrimp I had last night were probably caught overnight and delivered to the restaurant first thing yesterday morning.

    If ya’ll ever get through here while we’re in the area, we’ll take you to some of them.


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