Cough, Hack, Wheeze. . .

Not much happened today. I’m still fighting off this cold, I think I’m on the downside, but I’ve been coughing so much, my chest hurts.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Jan and I did pretty much nothing this morning except have coffee. Then about 2 pm we drove over to Monterey’s Little Mexico for some Chicken Tortilla Soup. I hoped that by loading up the soup with some extra-hot jalapenos, it would help burn this cold out.

It couldn’t hurt, right.

Coming home we stopped off at Kroger’s for some groceries, and were very happy to run into our granddaughter, Piper.

Piper At Chuys

Unfortunately for me, Jan got the only hug, since I didn’t want to take a chance on giving her what I’ve got.

She was on her way home from school before going into work at Sprinkles, a frozen yogurt shop in Webster.

We got back about 5 pm and settled in for a night of new TV shows, NCIS’s and Glee.

More tomorrow…

Thought for the Day:
“The average American has one breast and one testicle. That’s all you need to know about the field of statistics.”


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