And The Rains Came. . . Rally – Day 4

Today was the last full day of the Eastern Gypsy Gathering, and the weather had to get in at least one shot.

Although the first 3 days were very nice, this morning we were awaken by a steady rain, which pretty much continued on and off all day.

But inside things went on as scheduled. Bill Adams, the satellite expert gave a really good seminar on satellite TV and Internet systems. I always enjoy learning new things, and this was a great place for that.

Winegard Class

Then, at 4pm, Dennis Hill, Chris Yust, and I did a panel discussion on RV’ing to Alaska. We each told about our individual experiences, and some things that we had learned along the way. After that, we opened the floor to questions. We had quite a few questions, and the presentation seemed to be well received. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it.

At 7 pm it was back in the tent for the final night of door prizes, and some great prizes they were. Lounge chairs, digital video cameras, and the grand prize, a fully-paid coupon to another Gypsy Rally.

But as usual, Nick couldn’t restrain himself from regaling us with some of his many hilarious stories. Apparently Miss Terry couldn’t restrain him either.

Nick and Terry Last Night

Here’s Nick giving away a set of safety cones and a plastic cutting board. Door Prizes

Things wrapped up about 8:15pm, and everyone started saying their goodbyes to their friends, both old and new.

A little before 9, Nick and Terry, and Jan and I, headed over to the Texas Roadhouse for some great steaks, We finally headed home around 10 pm, after watching Nick trying to keep his eyes open. He and Terry were both exhausted after keeping this rally going for the last four days.

The only thing left rally-wise is the final get-together coffee and donuts tomorrow morning from 7:30 to 9, and that will close out the Eastern Gypsy Rally for this year. Everyone seems to have had a great time, and we’re all looking forward to next year’s rally in Celina, OH.

See you there !

Quote of the Day:
Remember, half the population is below average. Just look around.