Eastern Gypsy Rally – Day 1

Today was the first day of Nick and Terry Russell’s 2010 Eastern Gypsy Gathering, and things got off to a great start, with even more rigs coming in this morning.

And this was one of them. Apparently the owner has a lift system that he uses to raise and lower the car. I guess it beats towing it.


The rally started off at 3pm with Nick and Terry talking about what was upcoming during the next 4 days. Next, the many vendors lined up and introduced themselves. I’m really glad to see so many vendors here since I think this is my favorite part of the rally.

Then about 4:30 there was a 60 minute Q & A panel with a team of experts onstage to answer your RV questions.

Nick And Terry Rally

There was a great turnout and the tent turned out to be very comfortable with a nice breeze most of the time. 
Rally Crowd

One of the many vendors here is Michele Henry of Phoenix Commercial Paint , who is re-painting my cargo bay doors. And here’s an example of some of her work. She just finished a full-body paint job on this coach about two weeks ago. And she’s a beauty.

Phoenix Paint Job

At 5:30 we took a 90 minute break for dinner, and then it was back in the tent at 7 pm for the first night of the door prize giveaways. Tonight’s prizes were mostly restaurants, to allow winners to use their gifts before they leave town.

After that Nick & Terry, Stu & Donna McNichol, and Jan & I headed over to Mancino’s Pizza for a late dinner. Nick and Terry are normally too busy taking care of rally problems to be able to eat during the 5:30 – 7 break time.

More rally news tomorrow…

Quote of the Day:
"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."



One Response

  1. Greg,

    Outstanding decision to award door prizes early. My guess is that most $5 and $10 certificates for meals end up being used toward the purchase of larger priced meals. So you are really helping out merchants as well as winners. Good move. Wish we were there.

    BTW my VMSpc is working flawlessly.

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