Jan is home, YEAH !!!!!

I left Elkhart about 12:30 pm to pick Jan up at Chicago Midway from her 3 pm flight. By 3:30 we had her bag and were on our way home. A smooth trip both ways.

And it sure is great to have my sweetie back home.

Arriving at the RV park about 5:45 pm Jan was greeted by big hugs from Nick and Terry.

About 15 minutes later we headed out for dinner with Nick and Terry, Mike and Elaine Loscher, and Jan and I, at Mancino’s Pizza.


Mancino’s is not open on Sunday. Bummer!

So it was back over to Bob Evans right near the park. And we had a great time, great food, great conversation, and our always great waiter, Michael, who caterers to our every need, and still keeps a smile on his face.

Jan brought back a bunch of Landon photos so here goes.

Here’s new mom Brandi about 30 minutes after Landon was born.

Brandi and Landon

Here’s Piper holding Landon with the proud parents looking on.

Brandi Lowell Landon & Piper

And here, too. I think this is another day.
Piper And Landon 5 

And, of course, here’s Grandmother Jan with Landon. 

Jan And Landon 2

And here’s Grandmother Sonja with her new grandson. Sonja and Landon

And another one of Miss Piper.
  Piper and Landon 2 

Jan took a lot of photos that I’m still going through, so more later.

And now for something completely different.

When we got back from Chicago this afternoon, I noticed a new rig parked back behind Nick’s rig and ours.

And I couldn’t help notice the pair of really BIG girl panties hanging from the wipers.

BIG Girl Panties

After some debate, a bunch of us just had to find out what the story was behind the panties. And a big behind it would be, too.

But, amazingly, the gentleman in the rig had a perfectly rational explanation.

He said that like Prince Charming was looking for someone to fit the glass slipper, he was looking for someone to fill these panties.


That makes sense, but I’m not sure Nick and I TOGETHER could fill those.

But good luck with that.  And let us know how it goes.

Quote of the Day:
Evil can only succeed if good men don’t point at it and laugh.