Monday Morning Coming Down…

Today was spent in a lot of small chores around the rig, and a number of phone calls with clients, suppliers, and American Coach.

I also did two loads of laundry, and ran CLR thru our Mr. Coffee to clean out the gunk. The water here in Elkhart is really hard, and even with using an external water filter, it still clogs up shower heads, faucets, and, of course, coffee pots. So while I was running CLR thru the coffee pot, I also soaked the shower head and the sink nozzle. Now everything is running fine.

A little later, Orv Hazelton dropped by and wanted me to come help him with something. Turns out he was trying to set up a Cradlepoint WiFi Router so he won’t need to two Sprint AirCard Accounts for his two different laptops. Unfortunately he probably won’t be able to use the router he already has because it uses a discontinued aircard slot, so he’s going to have to purchase a newer one before he can proceed.

About 2 pm I headed out to solicit more gift certificates for the rally with pretty good results this time. While I was out and about Michele Henry from Phoenix Commercial Paint called to ask a question about the which doors go where on the coach. Got back home about 4:30 and fed the cats and cleaned the litter box. OH Fun!

A little before 5 Nick called, and he, Terry, and I drove over to the nearby Texas Roadhouse for some great steaks. While we were there we also thanked Candace, the manager, who donated some gift certificates to the rally.

We got back about 6:30pm, and then about 6:45 two guys (sorry, I didn’t get their names) showed up to admire my classy camouflage for Beauty’s missing cargo bay doors. One of the guys also wanted to know where Phoenix Commercial Paint is located.

Here’s my ‘classy camouflage’. Beauty Cargo Bays

Jan called me about 5 minutes later to catch me up on all the doings in Houston with Landon.

He had his first pediatrician visit this afternoon and everything checked out fine. So that’s great.

More tomorrow…

Quote of the Day:
“I’ll support the “Ground Zero Mosque” as soon as Christians are allowed to built a church next to the Kaaba in Mecca”.