Books and Bagels

This morning it was time for another roadtrip, so at 9:45 Nick and Terry and Jan and I headed about 80 miles north to Allegan, MI so Nick could drop off the copy for the latest issue of Gypsy Journal. And we had a nice drive through the country to boot.

We got to the printer about 11:15 pm, and then 15 minutes we were back on the road again, but this time we took a different route back to Elkhart – through Kalamazoo and Portage.

Our first stop in Portage was at Gander Mtn. to pick up some outdoorsy stuff, then down the road a few blocks to Red Robin for lunch. It was our first time at one and we really liked it. Nick and I had chicken sandwiches, and Terry and Jan had Cobb salads. All very good.

Our first stop after lunch was at Panera Bread for some of Nick’s favorite Asiago Cheese bagels. But unfortunately they only 3 left, not the dozen he wanted.

Next we dropped off Jan and Terry at the nearby Bed Bath & Beyond while Nick and I played with our computers in the truck. Then it was just down to the block to Barnes & Noble for some reading material.

Since we were driving by on our way home, we stopped at Phoenix Commercial Paint  to check in with Michele to see how our cargo bay door repairs were coming. As you can see below they’ve done a great job in repairing the lower edge of the door panels.

Coach Doors 1

Coach Doors 2

I’m going to take the last four panels over to her tomorrow.

Getting back to the park about 4:30 Jan and I sat outside with Mister for a while before the four of us drove over to the DQ for an evening snack.

Tomorrow, beside taking the doors over to Michele, I’ll be hitting the road again soliciting door prizes for the upcoming Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally.

More then…

Quote of the Day:
Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.