Pretty Toes and Pizza…

Today started out with Jan heading out about 10 to get a pedicure at the nearby WalMart.  I got up about 10:30 and started removing the 3 cargo bay doors that I’m going to take over to Michele at Phoenix Commercial Paint this afternoon.

The doors came unbolted with no problems, but they were still attached to the coach by the hinge area. After fooling with it for a while I finally went next door to get Nick. That just shows how desperate I was.

Nick and I wiggled, pulled, and tugged on the doors and eventually got one of them off. But we were stuck on the last one. Finally we went and got Nick’s wife, Terry to come and help us.

And Terry is so good that she just had to stand there and watch us and the door came right off. Just one of the many reasons Nick is lucky to have Terry around.

Jan got back a little after 11 and fixed us sandwiches from the leftover pork loin from Lunker’s the other night.

About 2 pm I loaded up the doors and drove over to Michigan to drop them off with Michele.

The rest of the afternoon we pretty much just goofed off around the rig.  Then, about 5 pm, Nick, Terry, Jan, and I headed over to Mancino’s for a great meal of pizza and garlic breadsticks. On the way we made a quick detour to drop some letters off at the Post Office, and then it was on to supper.

Getting back to the park about 7:15 we again drove around the park checking out all the new rigs that have arrived.

Tonight is the first night for the Perseid Meteor Shower sometime after midnight.  I’ll try to take a look later, but with the lights in the the park, and possible clouds, don’t know what I will be able to see.

More tomorrow…

Quote of the Day:
"Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian."