Tooth Fairy gone bad…?

About 12:30 pm Jan and I headed out to the local Bob Evans restaurant for a lunch of Cranberry Pecan Salads before making a stop at the nearby WalMart to stock up on more stuff. We never seem to have enough stuff.

Coming back tot the rig, we stopped at a CVS pharmacy so I could return the I-Zoom toll pass I bought yesterday. It turns out that the I-Zoom pass does not work like the toll passes in Texas.

I had thought that having a pass for the one month a year we are in this area would be worth it for the convenience and slight discount on each trip. However digging into the fine print of the Terms and Conditions (page 27 of a 28 page document) I discovered that they charge you a $1.00 a month “maintenance fee” whether I use the tag or not. That means I would be paying $11.00 a year for the months we are not here, completely eliminating any savings.

Plus, you can not suspend the account, you can only cancel it by turning in your pass.

Getting back to the rig about 2:30 pm, I decided it was a good time for a nap.

And it was.

A little after 4:30 our daughter Brandi called with the latest baby Landon update. Everything is coming along fine, and he’s still on schedule for the first week in September.

About 5:30 Nick and Terry came over and we headed out for dinner at El Maguey Mexican restaurant. El Maguey is our favorite Mexican restaurant in this area, and it didn’t disappoint us this time, either. We’ve also gotten Nick hooked on their white cheese queso dip.

Coming back to the rig, Nick took us on a detour past the site of an old dentist office. The dentist used to save all the teeth he extracted, keeping them for years. Apparently the Health Department finally told him he had to get rid of them, since they were unsanitary. To get back at them he had them cast into a concrete block, using the teeth in place of the stone aggregate.

Nick said that the last time he saw the block it was bigger, so we don’t know what happened to the rest of it.

Tooth Block 1

But a closer look shows that the concrete has started to erode leaving the many teeth very visible. Click on the photo for a closer view.

Tooth Block 2

We got back to the rig about 7:30 and sent Nick home to get back to work on the latest issue of the Gypsy Journal RV newspaper. We’re keeping him pretty much chained to his computer until he gets it done.

Tomorrow I’ll take 3 cargo bay doors over to Phoenix Commercial Paint so that Michele can start doing her usual excellent job on our coach.

More tomorrow…

Quote of the Day:
"A word to the wise ain’t necessary, it is the stupid ones who need all the advice." 
Bill Cosby