Waiting with bated breath…

Getting up this morning we found from their blog that Nick and Terry were on their way to Elkhart today. So about 11:30 I called Nick and found they would be here about 2 pm.

And sure enough, they finally arrived a little before 2pm and got parked right next to us. After helping Nick get set up, mostly by standing around watching, and making snide comments, we talked for a while and then while Nick headed up to the office to check in, we said we’d see them for supper.

A little later Nick stopped by and dropped off a package for Jan from the office. Mister took control of the empty box since he loves boxes, especially ones he can get into.

He didn’t quite make it on this one, but he gave it a good try. He actually fell asleep this way.


A little after 4 Nick came over and said they were ready when we were, so about 4:30 we walked next door to their coach, and then ended up talking for a while longer before heading out to Mishawaka to eat at Famous Dave’s BBQ, one of our favorite BBQ places. And as usual we sat around and talked even more after we finished eating.

And then when we got back we went over to their rig and talked some more, at least until Jan started nodding off.

Are sensing a pattern here?

Anyway that was about it for the day.

Since we have a lot of new readers, I thought I’d let ya’ll take a look at our visit to Niagara Falls last year.

More tomorrow…

Quote of the Day:
Law abiding men can’t be controlled. So we create enough laws that it is impossible to live without breaking some. Then we can control them. – Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged