Nothing and Something…

Today started out as another very nice nothing day.

And it stayed that way until about 4:30 pm when we headed out.

First, we stopped off at Sam’s Club to pick up our prescriptions, and then down the road a piece to Buffalo Wild Wings, one of our two favorite wing places.

Then about 6:30 we headed to the theater to see Iron Man 2. We really enjoyed it and thought it was as good as Iron Man 1.

Tomorrow we’ll probably head back to the same theater to see Sex and the City 2

Coming home after the movie, Jan talked to our daughter Brandi about how her baby shower went today.

We got home about 9:30 and were in for the night.

More tomorrow…

Quote of the Day:
The saddest day of your life isn’t when you decide to sell out. The saddest day of your life is when you decide to sell out and nobody wants to buy."