Like being back home…

We started out the day by hanging around the rig enjoying a quiet morning. For the first time since February we don’t have to be anywhere for over a month.


About 11:15 we headed out to El Maguey, our favorite Elkhart Mexican restaurant. And we were happy to find that it was just as good as when we left here last November.

After a delicious lunch we drove over to a WalMart near Goshen. According to the Walmart website they were the only WalMart in the area to stock the cranberry oatmeal that she likes. Unfortunately the website was wrong and they didn’t have any. But amazingly, we found other stuff to buy. Who knew?

Parking at the WalMart we encountered this older American Tradition, from the same manufacturer as our Eagle. Based on the body style and the fact it doesn’t have any slides, I think it’s a ‘96 or ‘97. Still looks good, though.


Right next to the Tradition was something we had heard about last year. Many of the WalMarts here in Amish country have covered areas for the horse and buggies.


Although I don’t think this one is an Amish buggy!


I found it really funny to see that an Amish mother and son, who were walking into the store after parking their buggy, were wearing Crocs.

Leaving the WalMart, we drove across the street to one of our favorite stores, Tractor Supply Company. Jan was looking for a magazine she likes called “Countryside”, but the new issue wasn’t out yet. I did find a neat Tractor Supply T-shirt, though.

Coming home, we decided to take the scenic route and avoid the Interstate/Toll Road.

Big Mistake!

It seems like every road around here is under construction, including ones that were under construction when we were here last October. It took us over an hour and 15 minutes just to drive the 20 miles back to the rig. I think we must have gone through at least 6 different construction zones/detours.

The Toll Road is looking better!

Getting back to near the park,  we noted how different this stand of trees looked from last October.

More FoliageSummer

More Foliage

For supper we had left-over hot wings from Quaker Steak and Lube, and chips with dip made with a mix Jan bought at the Rally in Louisville.

More tomorrow…

Quote of the day:
“The passion for equality is such in America that many people would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”  Alexis de Tocqueville