Last Days at the Lake…

Today was another take-it-easy day here in Burnet TX.  It didn’t help that it was in the mid 90’s. We’ve got to start heading north soon before we melt.

We just hung around the rig all morning and then around 2pm we drove into Burnet to mail a package before heading out to lake house.

After lazing around some more, Linda fixed a great meal of fajitas. Then about 7:30pm we took another pontoon boat ride around the lake.

Finally, around 9 we headed back to the rig for the night.

Tomorrow the last of the family heads back to Houston, everyone except us. We won’t leave until Friday, when we’ll head down to Canyon Lake for about 10 days.

Here’s some more wedding photos.

This is, left to right, Ken, Lowell, Brad, and Doug.  Brad was Lowell’s best man, and they were all college roommates.


Here’s new family, old family, and a great friend. Left to right, it’s Sonja, Lowell’s mother, Chris and Linda, our son and daughter-in-law, my wife Jan, and Gina Ellis.


And here’s Piper, our beautiful granddaughter.


And this is what Piper gets for playing with my camera when she’s supposed to be just holding it.


And this lovely lady is Shawna Oakley, Brandi’s best friend, honorary sister, matron of honor, and wedding planner extraordinaire


More tomorrow…

Quote of the day:
Never try to tell everything you know. It may take too short a time.



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