90,000 and counting…

Today was a big day in our rig “Beauty’s” life.

At 11:16 this morning, traveling between Canyon Lake, TX and Balmorhea, TX, our “Beauty’ turned 90,000…miles, that is.

She had 62,512 miles when we bought here, so, in the last 2+ years we traveled over 27,000 miles. Not bad for beginners.

We left Lake Pointe RV Resort this morning about 9:00am, heading toward a stop-over tonight at Saddleback Mountain RV Park.

About noon, we stopped for lunch in Junction, TX. We parked at a Valero Truck Stop and drawn by the wonderful smell, we ended up at Cooper’s BBQ across the street.

Coopers BBQ 
And boy was it good. Jan had a rib plate with beans and potato salad, and I had a rib and jalapeno sausage plate with beans and potato salad. We split a peach cobbler for dessert. Really, really good BBQ. You know that the place was going to be good, since they cook their meat in an outside pit, surrounded by a large stack of wood.

It’s always interesting driving thru West Texas, despite what some people say. Along the way today, we saw wild goats, wild sheep, wild pigs, llamas, and a zebra. All without leaving the highway. And, of course, last week we saw camels, donkeys, and buffalo.

We pulled into the RV park about 5:30pm and got set up. There’s not much to it, but it is cheap ($10), quiet, level, and convenient to I-10. Just what we want for an overnight stay.

Tomorrow we’ll head out for Las Cruces, NM for a couple of days.

More then…


Plans in Jello…

Well, as usual, we found our plans written in Jello.

We had planned to leave here in San Marcos this past Friday, but now we won’t be leaving until tomorrow, Sunday. It took longer than I figured to get all of Gina’s new stuff set up, including a new computer, and her Raccoon Cam that lets here watch the raccoons on her back porch that she feeds every night.

It’s pretty neat. It has remote pan and tilt, and night vision that really works.

But it’s all working OK now, so tomorrow we will head west to Balmorhea, TX to spend the night before arriving in Las Cruces, NM  on Monday night for a couple of days.

Then it’s on to Tucson, Gila Bend, and Yuma.

More tomorrow…

Jager Schnitzel, Weiner Schnitzel, and Red Cabbage…

Today we took a road trip about 50 miles west to Fredericksburg to have some great German food at Der Lindenbaum, probably our favorite German restaurant, and do a little shopping. But before heading out we stopped off at the rig to feed the cats and be sure everything was OK.

The Texas Hill Country is still beautiful, even in winter, and the drive was fun…and interesting.

It’s not that unusual to see buffalo and burros in Texas, but







For what it’s worth, these one-humped camels are Dromedary camels, and are native to Africa and the Middle East.  The two-humped camels, or Bactrian camels come from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

And what they’re doing outside of Fredericksburg Texas I have no idea.

As always, the food at Der Lindenbaum was delicious.  I had the Weiner Schnitzel, and Jan and Gina had the Jager Schnitzel. And we all have the great German potato salad and red cabbage. Jan and I like the red cabbage so much we always get a extra order and split it.

Wiener Schnitzel is a thin pork cutlet that has been lightly battered and fried, and Jager Schnitzel is Weiner Schnitzel covered in a fresh mushroom sauce.  Hmm Hmm Good!

Coming home we stopped at the Wildseed Farm, so Jan could, strangely enough, shop for jewelry. Don’t ask!

Getting home, we went out for burgers at Ninfa’s Tacos and Burgers in Canyon Lake. Really, really good, large handmade patties.

More tomorrow…

Red Lobster and Raccoon Cams…

Today we took a trip about 60 miles north to Austin and Fry’s Electronics to pick out a new computer for our friend Gina.

Found her a nice deal on a 3 GHz Gateway Slimline with 6 GB of RAM and a 1 TB HD. Also picked up a remote-controlled video camera for back porch raccoon watching.

On the way up to Austin we stopped off at Red Lobster for lunch. I’m normally not a big RL fan, but I was pleasantly surprised this time. Of course I had a grilled chicken BLT, and not seafood, so what do I know. Jan had fried catfish that she enjoyed and Gina liked her fried shrimp, so we were all happy.

Our friend Gina lives on a 600 acre cattle ranch about 30 miles north of San Marcos in the Texas Hill Country. It’s so remote that we have to open 2 cattle gates to get to her house. But it has really fast internet, so go figure.

Now I’ve got to get all this set up before we are supposed to leave on Friday. We’ll see how that goes.

On another note, the problem with my oil pressure sending unit has returned, so it looks like replacing it did not fixed the problem. The only thing that makes sense is that it’s a problem with the wiring.  I’ll have to crawl under the truck and see if I can find the problem. It was really strange to make 120 mile roundtrip with the oil pressure sitting on zero, though occasionally, it would jump back up to normal.

More tomorrow…

Started Scratching Our Itch!

Today Jan and I started scratching our bad case of Hitch Itch.  As much as we enjoyed visiting with our family and friends, we were anxious to get back on the road, since we’ve been parked on Dickinson Bayou since right before Thanksgiving.

We left Galveston Bay RV park about 10:30 and hit the road…and stopped about 5 miles away at Monterey’s Little Mexico for one last bowl of their great Chicken Tortilla Soup and chips and salsa. Couldn’t leave town without one last bowl!

But we were only going about 220 miles anyway, so it only took about 4 hours until we arrived at Lake Pointe RV Resort on Canyon Lake. We’re going to be here about 4 days visiting with our friend Gina, setting up her new computer and installing a video camera on her back porch so she can watch the raccoons when they come to feed.

And they are well-fed. I think a couple of them are about the size of Great Danes. Prime eat’n size as we use to say back in Alabama.

We plan on heading out from here on Friday morning, stopping over one night in Fort Stockton before we get to Los Cruces, NM for a couple of nights. Then it’s on to Tucson, AZ to spend several days with some friends we met in Alaska in 2008.

We plan to end up in Yuma, AZ about the 3rd of March for the Western Gypsy RV Rally. And after that, we’ll see.

Since we’re back on the road, I’ll start posting every day again, if only to make a certain someone happy.


More tomorrow…

Ups and Downs…

First the Ups…

1.  My yearly medical exam went fine yesterday and the doctor said I’m good for another 60 years or so, or maybe she said 6 years. I’m not sure.

2.  Even with the bad weather, I’m still managing to get some things done around the coach.

3.  The weather is supposed to be good this weekend so hopefully I can get the rest of the stuff done.

4.  We picked up our truck from the repair place


Now the Downs…

1.  Driving our truck and rent car back to drop it off at the rental agency, our truck started losing oil pressure, sometimes dropping down to zero. Not a good thing. So it was back to the shop with the truck. Since they only did new shocks, rear brakes, and a tuneup, I don’t think it’s anything they did., Just bad luck. We’ll see.

2.  It’s supposed to get real cod again here next week, maybe even snow. So more nasty weather while we’re trying to get ready to leave.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better…

Still on Schedule…

Well, things improved a little today. We were able to schedule our oil change service visit for Friday, Feb 12th. So we will be able to leave on time on the 15fh.

Since our rig has about 10 gallons of oil it’s not something I want to handle myself. The service guy will also change the fuel filters, the oil filter, check the air cleaner, and lube the chassis and driveline. He’ll also do a check of my coolant quality.

I also want to talk with him about changing my Allison transmission over to TranSynd synthetic fluid, and is it worth the extra $170 ($280 vs $450). Then we’ll talk about about whether my generator also needs service. We’ll see.

I dropped off the truck yesterday afternoon to get new shocks, new rear brakes, and a tuneup. They also found a broken emergency brake cable that meant it won’t be ready until tomorrow, since the new one has to come from Dallas. Anticipating problems like this is why I rented a car for a couple of days.

In between rainstorms today I was able to get up on the rig roof to fix a stuck microswitch on our bathroom roof vent fan.

And in my spare time I’m also trying to take care of all my computer clients who waited until the last minute to have their computers looked at.

Tonight we had dinner at Genghis Grill, a local Mongolian grill type place, with Bob and Beth Young, some friends of ours. We also got to see our granddaughter, Piper, who works there as a hostess.

Afterwards we dropped by our daughter’s house to pick up some drawer slides for our son who is building a 3 drawer cabinet for us that will fit in the space where our old CRT TV used to reside in the dashboard.

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment for my yearly checkup and prescription renewal.

More tomorrow…