Desolate charm…

This morning we left Saddleback Mtn RV Park about 10:30am heading for Las Cruces.

This is a nice little park in the middle of nowhere, but it does have its desolate charm.

Saddleback Mtn RV Park 
Even Mister was unable to find much of interest.

Mister at Saddleback 
Note that Mister is dragging his lease behind him. Most parks have a rule that all pets must be on a leash. I haven’t found one yet that requires someone to be holding that leash!

I did have to take time this morning to add air to my left inside real dual. It has a slow leak, but I’m not yet sure if it’s the tire, the extension, or the screw-on pressure sensor. I swapped the sensors around to see.

Normally driving in West Texas is fun due to the speed limits out here.

But since we usually cruise along at 55 mph, it’s not much fun now.

About noon we stopped at a Wendy’s in Van Horn, TX. Not as good as yesterday’s BBQ, but when you’re trying to find a place to park 63 feet of rig and toad, you can’t always be too picky.

And a few minutes after leaving Van Horn, we entered the Mountain Time Zone. In a couple of weeks we will be in the Pacific Time Zone after we leave Yuma.

Passing thru El Paso, we stopped on the far side at a Flying J to fill up with diesel. All these hills really eat up the mpg.  129 gallons of diesel cost me $360.

We arrived at the Las Cruces KOA about 3:30 and got set up. Although it’s not cheap, we always stay here due to the great view.

About 5pm we drove down to Old Mesilla to have dinner at La Posta, one of our absolute favorite Mexican restaurants. La Posta has been a restaurant since 1939, and before that, it was a Butterfield Stage Depot, with an interesting history.

La Posta2

While we were in La Posta, it started raining really hard, but had stopped by the time we left. But the weather won’t improve while we’re here. Tomorrow we supposed to have a high of 45 and a low of 27, with SNOW!

Just what we need.

More news tomorrow…